The Lauren Way

So I’m all stuck at work today. And outside couldn’t be more beautiful. I know this is true, because I saw it at lunchtime while eating pudding in my coworkers car. That isn’t a weird thing…

So how can you deal with this cruel peek at the beautiful world a then return to your bleak little cubicle? You can handle it the Lauren Way! I just sit in my cubicle and make things cuter than they actually appear!

For example: Your plain old boring stapler? Try to make it yellow and then coordinate everything you can to it!

This is my stapler… my nails match it now, and so does my post-its. Someday it will look like the sun is coming from my cubicle, true story!


And doodles… well, just make sure they make something cuter than it actually needs to be:

This is how I get through tough times… I draw regular items as even cuter then they actually appear.

Oh, and Indulge in your silliness. You may not think it’s the best thing, career wise…and it may not get you as far as someone with a total stick up their butt and a jacket with straight up lapels… BUT, you won’t get bogged down in the junkiness of a regular work day, either. And sometimes the carpet sample guy will bring you a big throw rug just because you make work fun (that is a true story!)

Can you expect anyone else to be giggly and happy for you?

And soon enough it will be 5pm and you can go home and dance until you pass out. Oh darn, I think I just gave away my plans. Also I should study and draw more cute things. #ALLMYDREAMSAREWEIRD


Monday’s Scoop

I haven’t had much time lately to write. Actually that is a lie, I have had a lot of time I could have chosen to write, But I just haven’t done it. And well it’s been noted that somebody has also been skipping dedicated doodle time that she made up on Sunday’s between 3-4. That somebody is me… I’m a dirty doodle dodger.

But I also find that I don’t have a lot to draw lately. I’ve been realizing that I doodle more when my brain is overwhelmed or underwhelmed. And right now, I’m whelmed. And my mind seems to be stuck, sometimes on incredible joy and sometimes on not much of anything. And the only thing I can think of right now is a delicious ice cream.

So, enjoy this:

Don’t you want to ice cream? I do and I want mine to be mint chocolate chip, thank you!

I really want an ice cream… The weather is fine and I’m hungry!

And tomorrow I may share with you the joys of owning a yellow stapler! And how I plan on it changing my work life, regular life, and everyone else I know existences!