Monday’s are for Mermaids

I needed to make a post that wasn’t in the scope of my drawing competition!

Which probably means… it’s going to be a mermaid.

They are really what I’ve been making in my spare time… so like my mind is all nautical like all of the time.

And that’s just alright with me… it keeps my head out of space for like 30 minutes at a time.

So I present to you proudly, my Elliott and me self portrait:

it’s like my new favorite thing

Happy Monday!

Today’s drawing competition is going to be an exciting one :)


Drawing Challenge day #6

Today’s goalie goal for drawing is to make something colorful.

Which was a lot harder then  you think.

I tried to think of something colorful and make it my version of colorful.

So I present to you a peacock that is as bright at the sun”


Groundhog Gangster

Today is groundhog’s day.

It’s a time when we watch Bill Murray movies, and think about when we can wear shorts without freezing our butts off.

And although science, and weather people on TV are all like “El Nino is gonna get you… tonight” like a Gloria Estefan song…

Punxsatawny Phil is like… “Whatever whatever, it’s almost spring.”

Do you feel confused about this too? Now, who should you call about this? Maybe Bill Murray directly and not Ghostbusters… they are like ladies now or something.


Tom Hanks Syndrome

I feel like this title sounds a lot more serious than any of this post really could be…

Today I watch like my 12th Tom Hanks Movie of the year.

Which really takes up the movie time between me watching “Scream Queens” and 80s Brat-pack movies.

So I found my well watched dvd of “Sleepless in Seattle” while I started to draw… and what I was really surprised with is how really charming Meg Ryan makes stalking look…

Like if you think about it, she was really stalking him. She flew across the country and watched him and his son playing on the beach.

He didn’t know who she was… like at all. He was just trying to chill with his son.

But anyways, she was charming and cute, and she peeled apples in a very unusual way… and it worked out for all of them.

And, all in all, the movie is still really cute.

So that is really nice.

One thing about the movie that is also super cute is the music.

My sister was like really concerned that I knew the lyrics to “A WInk and  Smile”… but I’m pretty sure it’s on a list of like the most adorable tunes of all time.

Thanks Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan for being so super cute. I’m going to go watch Scream Queens now.


Just like Candy

Wednesday is the perfect time for something sweet!

I had some time to doodle since I’m working on building up my graphic design portfolio…

And I really wanted cotton candy… so this happened.

And someday it will be a part of a sticker set!



Sometimes I think people get really sensitive…

and I think sometimes we need to just remember that:

It’s a simple statement that is so true.

Remember it the next time you see someone who needs help, or maybe doesn’t have the same opinions as you… does that really matter in the long run?



I am obsessed with water.

Maybe it’s because we’re in the middle of a drought that has lasted most of my life…

or maybe just because I like water.

Today’s doodle is an illustration for a water themed furniture exhibit:

I think it has a nice message about juicy strength.