And good morning to you, MSN Homepage

This morning instead of something awful or about Taxes. I got to see this on the MSN homepage:

Seeing Jason Bateman in the morning totally made my day. And the option of more Jason Bateman is really a plus.

On a side note: I really want to see this movie. I hope it is easier to watch than “Extract.”


Seriously, Her?

Does anyone know somebody they just don’t get? I feel like this when I think about certain individuals… It only makes me think about something very similar to Ann Veal from “Arrested Development”…

You know, “her”… in fact everyone knows one. Just a girl that doesn’t stand out for any reason…

I think everyone has experienced this feeling before:

Seriously, “her”?

80s Teen Hunks

I’m going to say I’m a big fan of the site BLOGTHINGS.

Today I saw that it offered me the opportunity to discover my 80’s dreamy hunk. After praying really hard that it wasn’t Kirk Cameron, I proceeded. I found my answer pleasantly surprising and still dreamy all these years later.

And I had to post this because Christine and  I just used him as a LEMON answer.

Your 80s Hunk is:  Jason Bateman

Back in the 80s, you would be a typical cute girl next door.
So it’s no surprise your guy is the ideal guy next door.

You go for a guy who’s sensitive, sweet, and sexy without knowing it.
You prefer to be with a guy who focuses his attention on you… not showing off!

Who’s Your 80’s Hunk?

 Please tell me you your 80’s hunk is… and if he is still hunky.

For Example:


Fine Cinema: Teen Wolf

I heard that they are remaking teen wolf…

My sister and I discussed how utterly lame the idea sounds because we witnessed the first rounds of Teen Wolf.

We also discussed how it is reported they are going to make teen wolf sexier. Um he’s a teen firstly. Unless you are going to share with us a college bound wolf…

And I thought why do they need to even fathom a new wolf… when this exists???

Oh teen wolf!

I forgive Mr. Bateman though, because he looks spiffy whilst not being a wolf. As you can see here during the daytime hours: