80s Teen Hunks

I’m going to say I’m a big fan of the site BLOGTHINGS.

Today I saw that it offered me the opportunity to discover my 80’s dreamy hunk. After praying really hard that it wasn’t Kirk Cameron, I proceeded. I found my answer pleasantly surprising and still dreamy all these years later.

And I had to post this because Christine and  I just used him as a LEMON answer.

Your 80s Hunk is:  Jason Bateman

Back in the 80s, you would be a typical cute girl next door.
So it’s no surprise your guy is the ideal guy next door.

You go for a guy who’s sensitive, sweet, and sexy without knowing it.
You prefer to be with a guy who focuses his attention on you… not showing off!

Who’s Your 80’s Hunk?

 Please tell me you your 80’s hunk is… and if he is still hunky.

For Example:


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