Once Upon a Meat Night

Sometimes you have ideas and they are just okay.

Sometimes you have ideas that are slap a stranger in the face, great!

Meat Night is the latter. A whole night dedicated to meat, a night that only dawn can stop. Christine and I are this excited about it!

And you know who is the dream MC of this event would be? Jon Hamm.


Isabel Stare-a-thon: John Mayer hold

Oh dear Llama of truth,
Isabel has been captured in a John Mayer stare hold. This may be incredibly dangerous stares that can happen to a girl from the ages of 8-82. Especially if he has cu-…
oh Salamander of Justice, he has curly tendrils….
We may have to step in, and break this up.

John Mayer Alert. John Mayer Alert. John Mayer Alert. John Mayer Alert.


A Quote from Eric

To paraphrase a post lunch discussion with Eric “Jessica Alba has it going on.”

But we have no word on what it is.

This is according to our sources has no correlation to her exquisite acting, or friendliness, or general kindness. As Eric is sure she has none of these qualities.

I think Eric has returned to the ladies:

Watch out!


Ladyless fun with Eric

Eric is really excited about his first post of the year!

This photo was put through a rigorous test and was stamped with the Caitlin seal of approval.

It seems that after his tumultuous relationship with Oprah was made ever so public… Eric has resorted to lady free times:

Lady free times that involve riding donkey’s away from ladies.



Isabel Stare-A-thon: Laser stare with Eric

What is more professional than a laser pointer at a presentation?

If you said a laser stare during the Isabel Stare-A-thon you were right!

In this historic event where the people I torture (my friends) meet, you can get such an experience. Here is Eric (of the professional Ladies action) with Isabel (of Clay Aiken Fame) during this joyous time on the year:

Set all lasers to stare!


Eric’s Request

Eric says I use my photoshopping for evil, and have never photoshopped him with Beyonce.

I tried to think… how can I keep humor in this request?

Whooomp here it is

technically this is what was asked for…


Celebrate Viciously Sweet’s New Edition

Okay so it isn’t often that Viciously Sweet grows in membership, mostly because it’s not like the Mickey Mouse Club.

But now there is a man in Viciously Sweet, and that man is a true professional.

Yes, Eric.

To celebrate he did this:

and he did it well.

He’s also celebrating his new biography. All of which you can read here:

Besides being the most treasured professional in all of the San Gabriel Valley; Eric is also a huge fan of musicals, Disney and anything “Savage Garden”. He believes the most influential television character since the creation of television is Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster and Jimmy Kimmel. Eric was blessed with the uncanny ability to perform the entire soundtrack of “Beauty and the Beast” by himself. Eric discovered that he became viciously sweet after an incident that involved a bottle of tapatio, Lady Gaga, The Men’s foundation, and the song “Poison” by Bel Biv Devoe. He is the only person in history to own every “Now that’s What I call Music” and Hanson album… Mmm  bop? Eric has also been reported to be the most sincere love of talk show giant Oprah Winfrey.