Ring Around the Ladies..

It is reported that Oprah & Eric are on the rocks again…

Today Eric was spotted on a tarmak with a guest.

After many questions about why he was on a tarmak & not at work there was a stunning revelation. Who exatcly is this lady with sassy braids? There are no reports to who the lady is, but 73% of people believe it is not Oprah.

Oprah later responded to Eric & his lady crazy ways…




A new Cinematic Masterpiece from the creators of “Snakes of A Plane”:


In this new action/ suspense film Eric has been spotted heading for the “Miss Lady Convention” in Phoenix, AZ. What will he do when disaster and mayhem happen?


All aboard the Lady Train!

What surprises are waiting for Eric? Is that really a lady next to him…? Or did he board the Tranny Express??? No sleep till Arizona!!!

Put a Ring on it! Reviews are in:


Partying With the Ladies

Eric is celebrating Viciously Sweets birthday by partying it up with the ladies.

In this case here he is partying with the notorious Tori Spelling.

Little Known Eric Fact: He’s the biggest 90210 fan:



Eric and the Ladies: Mariachi Adventures

Eric is very well known for his love of the ladies.

Today’s Eric can barely control his boom boom pow with all these señoritas. It is rumored that he is trying to make a musical for Taco Bell, “Chalupas of Desire”… here is an exclusive photo practicing the number for “$0.99 Nachos of love”:

We wish his musical endevors much success



Oh, the Love Game

Since Eric is a big fan of the ladies… he went on a quest to find the most ultimate lady of the times…

and after scanning the radio he found her:

Here is Eric with the frequently pantless entertainer… Lady Gaga.

Doesn’t Eric look so happy to be with the lovely lady… but seriously don’t ask her about the disco stick.



Winter Wonderland

Although it’s the warm time of the year here in California. Eric sometimes likes to cool it down… with the ladies.

On a recent trip to the frigid north that we call Alaska, Eric found friendship with this skating marm. She had wicked skills on the ice but since she loaned her camera to the Russians that one time, it takes the worst photos.

The plus side of being in Alaska is that there is more time to spend with recently retired Sara Palin… Oprah’s nemesis.