The High Jump

Eric is on cloud 9, because of all the beach ladies… and what makes these ladies better than regular beach ladies is the interpretive dance.

Boy does he love summer.


The Sleep Attack

Now there is more to worry about at 3pm when your blood sugar is low… can Emerald Nuts save you from the Sleep Attack????? The Answer is, no.

That is right ladies, if you are not on your guard… Eric may strike with all his lady capturing charm.

Next thing you know you’re at Casa Bonita being serenaded by a mariachi. And the next day being sent harassing messages from Oprah.

This has been a public service announcement from the Ladies who Nap Bureau.


Beach Ladies

Nothing says summer in California like the beach.

And the beach is always covered in the ladies…

so that means that the beach always has an Eric… right????

this is so not professional.


The Sneak Attack

Ladies Beware!

Eric can approach at any minute… because he’s wicked stealthy. Which he totally learned from Halo.

Then he might play poker with you or take you across the street (even if you don’t want to go there!) Beware of Sneaky Eric’s they’re just as tricky as hitchhiking ghosts

This was a Paid advertisement from the League of Ladies.



Oh my…The Scandal

How can anyone believe all is well in the world of Eric and Oprah when photos keep showing up of Eric and all the ladies???

We don’t believe she lost her balance and you were helping her up, and we also don’t believe she lost her contact and you were just helping her optical hapiness …

I mean come on you guys are matching… and dancing the mash potato. I think all this not eating is getting to him. And this trendy Oprah inspired diet… may be driving him mad…


Breakfast with the Ladies

Eric would like everyone to know that he can’t let the ladies eat the most important meal of the day alone…

so he’s willing to sacrifice his time to make sure the ladies don’t start their day off lonely. This particular Gwenyth Paltrow is surely appreciating it.

But make sure you have the liquids like this lady…. Eric he likes them liquids.


Helping the Ladies Cross the Street

Eric says that he’s staying true to Oprah.

So you may ask about this picture:

But Eric was doing his civic duty to help an innocent lady cross the street.

Keep your mind out of the gutter. If you need help Eric is a professional…


Prague in the Moonlight

Eric loves Prague, and safety at night.

He also is Lovin’ this Oprah.


Oh la la
Oh la la

On their most recent getaway it is reported they spent a romantic yet professional meeting in Prague… Soaking up the reports, bulletins, and of course love.