Learning with Jimmy: Chicken

Today’s learning with Jimmy introduces you to Chicken, the wonder bird.

Chickens are wonderful for many reasons, count them with Jimmy!

1. They Make Beautiful Art

2. Eggs are full of deliciousness, and sometimes chickens

3. they are not ducks

4. They make great pets

5. They are sometimes made of pipe cleaner:

6. They are more patriotic than turkeys…

7. They have beautiful houses

8. Lauren likes to draw them:

9. They stand up for what we believe in

10. They are delicious in original recipe

Jimmy’s conclusion: thank you chickens!

Learning with Jimmy: Weasel Baths

Today’s lesson is something important to 76% of people in the United States. And since Jimmy likes favorable percentages he would like to share this nugget of truth.

Don’t bathe with weasels…. it will only bring you pain…

and 42 anti weasel shots from your doctor:


You have been warned, especially you Christina Aguilera.


Learning With Jimmy: Sylmar

Since Last year there were a lot of posts about Eric and Isabel we’ve decided to step up the Adventures of Jimmy…

A new blog topic starts today:

Here’s a map to acclimate yourself with Sylmar:

Things you should know about Sylmar!

-it is a part of the Wickedly awesome San Fernando Valley

– In 1977 an episode of Chips was shot there!

-It was once riddled with olive trees, now it’s riddled with shopping centers!

-It is the native habitat of Jimmy

-It’s name means “Sea Of Trees” which is really odd because it looks more like a suburb

-In 1965 Sylmar celebrated it’s 91’s birthday!

-There are lots of freeways around it! Some go to Disneyland!

-in 1992 it was set as a filming location of “Encino Man”

Jimmy’s final thought: