Learning With Jimmy: Sylmar

Since Last year there were a lot of posts about Eric and Isabel we’ve decided to step up the Adventures of Jimmy…

A new blog topic starts today:

Here’s a map to acclimate yourself with Sylmar:

Things you should know about Sylmar!

-it is a part of the Wickedly awesome San Fernando Valley

– In 1977 an episode of Chips was shot there!

-It was once riddled with olive trees, now it’s riddled with shopping centers!

-It is the native habitat of Jimmy

-It’s name means “Sea Of Trees” which is really odd because it looks more like a suburb

-In 1965 Sylmar celebrated it’s 91’s birthday!

-There are lots of freeways around it! Some go to Disneyland!

-in 1992 it was set as a filming location of “Encino Man”

Jimmy’s final thought:



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