Tale of Eye Makeup Terror

Okay this is not really a scary story.

BUT, it is scary if you are me.

I’m currently not being allowed to wear eye makeup because of my weird dry skin. So I have only been allowed to wear mascara and blush pretty much. And as people know I have never not worn eye make-up outside since I was 15, and I find it terrifying.

And now I look like I’m 17 again… 

But I didn’t thankfully turn into Zac Efron.

This last weekend I was asked when I was going to college by a teen, and also asked out by the same teen. ICK ICK ICK. I told him, “I’m really old, and this is not right.”

So to look like I’m age to vote I’m trying to figure out if I can get fake eyelashes. Perhaps I may look like a gogo dancer, but at least I’ll look like a real grown up.

The End.

That was today’s story with Lauren!