Tale of Eye Makeup Terror

Okay this is not really a scary story.

BUT, it is scary if you are me.

I’m currently not being allowed to wear eye makeup because of my weird dry skin. So I have only been allowed to wear mascara and blush pretty much. And as people know I have never not worn eye make-up outside since I was 15, and I find it terrifying.

And now I look like I’m 17 again… 

But I didn’t thankfully turn into Zac Efron.

This last weekend I was asked when I was going to college by a teen, and also asked out by the same teen. ICK ICK ICK. I told him, “I’m really old, and this is not right.”

So to look like I’m age to vote I’m trying to figure out if I can get fake eyelashes. Perhaps I may look like a gogo dancer, but at least I’ll look like a real grown up.

The End.

That was today’s story with Lauren!


4 thoughts on “Tale of Eye Makeup Terror

      1. put it this way in 10 yrs you will be glad that you look younger than your age…ha at bars sometimes they think I carry a fake ID

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