5 Questionable Song Dedications for Isabel

Good Morning Internet.
I’ve been thinking about those beautiful/hilarious things that you hear when people dedicate songs to someone they are crazy for.
The dj always has a silky 1940s smoking actress voice, and makes even the most disturbing love stories seem magical. For Example (please read the following with that sassy narrator voice in mind):
“Salvador, Erin cares so much for you, that she has asked to dedicate ‘Bryan Adam’s Heaven’ to you to celebrate your 4 day anniversary.”
“This is 18 with a bullet, to Smokey out in San Quentin from Sad Eyes in Monterey Park”

Either one shows the awesome dedication that people have for one another.

Today let’s dedicate some songs to Isabel!

I am going to post 5 songs that would make Isabel mildly to incredibly uncomfortable if you dedicated them to her on radio stations. Give them a try, I will even give you the intro to them… remember its Isabel from San Diego.

1. “Yes hello, this is Lauren and I want to dedicate a song that means so much to my friend Isabel… it will always remind her of that time we stayed up and watched ‘Centerstage’ in the middle of the night after being in a bus while trying to fix our friends t-shirt from exposing her boob while our Physics teacher slept.” (This is not too oddly specific)


2. “This song is dedicated to Isabel, And she knows why”


3. “For as long as Isabel’s and my lives have intertwined I can not imagine a better song to describe her. This is for you Isabel”


4. “Just the thought of being dedicated this R.Kelly Song will make Isabel feel like the only girl in the world.”


5. “This song was written about her by her truest, gingeriest love. A love like theirs is forever and magical… like a unicorn walking during sunset on the beach of love”


Have a happy Tuesday Isabel!

This is so not my Jam

This is for people who want to watch music videos.

I give to you: 

Top 5 “no one would want this for their ‘jam’ songs”

Michael Bolton- “Can I touch you there?”

Yes this is a real song. This song sounds wrong… not just the innuendo of the title- but the very inapropriate pan flute. And may I add the fedora does nothing for Mr. Bolton, nor does splashing about in a river make anything about this song better.

Jewel- “Hands”

Okay this song would be like the weirdest song for a girl at a club to scream “this is my jam”… unless she really likes hands. And what club would play this???

Green Day – “21 Guns”

For all the reasons stressed in my previous post about Green Day. This is the whiniest song ever. And the answer to the following analogy


Mandy Moore- In my Pocket

This song is here for the obvious reasons. Mandy’s lame. And this song is about pennies!!! Secretly this is Isabel’s favorite song, an interesting fact.

And finally anything by Smash Mouth. If it were 9 years ago sure. But don’t try to get me into hearing ‘All Star’ now that I am 23 years old, because no it doesn’t rock. And yes, all I think about when I see it is “Mystery Men.”