I’m a little marshmallow

Image Courtesy of Inspired by Charm

Last night I realized it’s been so long since I have posted any doodle in this internetty world.

I guess it’s because I’ve been all out of sorts. I found most things in the last month turned all topsy-turvy. And for someone who’s life has been very boring and orderly for half a year…. I at first was beyond overwhelmed. Babies, health, my parents becoming utterly crazy people, my friends coming unhinged… and me becoming more responsible… SHUDDER.

And for most of the month I found myself worried about things I can’t control. Because there is nothing I can do for anybody. Not one single thing, except be my silly self.

Earlier today I heard my coworkers discussing the faces they put out to the world. They are different around friends, colleagues, their family. They have all these masks that they wear to fill in these different roles they create. I looked at them and didn’t understand, they responded by saying… but not you. “With Lauren… what you see is what you get.”

And I think I like that.

I’m a little too much. But sometimes you just need that little extra. And I think you should always be yourself… no matter where you are.

The only thing getting me through the last few days has been being myself and being okay with that. Also, I must add I do know some really great people. And when I think about them I can’t even help but smile… because they make me feel very wonderful. They make me feel like a gushy-gooey marshmallow… in the best way possible!

And that clearly segue’s into my gushy marshmallow doodle:


And that’s all I have to say. Be happy, love yourself, love everyone. And I hope that there is at least one thing today that makes your feel all gushy- gooey like a marshmallow.


Waxy Buildup

Yesterday, Madame Tussaud’s exhibited their latest wax figure, of non celebrity Kim Kardashian.

I think this means that Madam Tussaud’s has officially ran out of people to make into wax statues of. Because this was totally unneccessary.

My sister and I have compiled a list of more deserving “celebrities” to make that waxy leap:

1. Television starlet and media mogul, Judge Judy:

2. Steve Buscemi, we prefer his look from the wedding singer:

3. Brother of Charlie Sheen and mighty duck aficionado Emilio Estevez:

4. Reality TV darling Flavor Flav, hopefully in this pose:

5. The Jackson 5’s cuddly and adorable Marlon Jackson, in a member’s only jacket:

6. Superfreaky Rick James (but not the mary jane girls)

7. Wouldn’t you love to grab your price scanner and get a photo with Flo from Progressive?

8. The whitest and nerdiest Weird Al:

9. How about the Stay Puft Marshmallow man from Ghostbusters?

10. And finally the scandalous and sexiest boat captain alive… the Gorton’s fisherman: