Unexpected Meatloaf

Today’s doodle is a part of the great things I have written down series. So the following may be a little weird:

Sometimes I let my mind wander… and it comes up with slightly off stories that make complete sense to me. Like, “unexpected meatloaf”. You could just imagine it… walking into a church and it’s pews being made of meatloaf, or winning a brand new car and finding out its really just car shaped meatloaf, or going to the County Fair and seeing the “Tunnel of Loaf”.

I think you get the idea.

Here is the doodle that sprung from this thought:

But really we shouldn’t stop there…Since this meatloaf was unexpected… what would have been my original intentions to go to a well. What would I need that water for? What if I was getting that water to make a refreshing drink and all I got was meatloaf?

When life hands you meatloaf:

And then my mind wandered to who would drink this concoction? Who do I know that likes both meatloaf and lemonade mixed drinks this much? Oh yes the only person who would drink meatloaf lemonade, the Professional:

This is so loafy!

And that is my brain thought for today, and also this is a really clear explanation of why my note taking for future doodles doesn’t always make sense.

♥ and Lollipops,

Syrup Coating

There are very few things that Eric likes more than the ladies and one of those things is breakfast. Eric loves the morning meals (yes mulitple)… he loves it when he can cover thangs in syrup.

For example:

Some may think that Eric is eating a pancake in this photo… but really it’s syrup covered meatloaf… afterall that is his favorite meal.