Unexpected Meatloaf

Today’s doodle is a part of the great things I have written down series. So the following may be a little weird:

Sometimes I let my mind wander… and it comes up with slightly off stories that make complete sense to me. Like, “unexpected meatloaf”. You could just imagine it… walking into a church and it’s pews being made of meatloaf, or winning a brand new car and finding out its really just car shaped meatloaf, or going to the County Fair and seeing the “Tunnel of Loaf”.

I think you get the idea.

Here is the doodle that sprung from this thought:

But really we shouldn’t stop there…Since this meatloaf was unexpected… what would have been my original intentions to go to a well. What would I need that water for? What if I was getting that water to make a refreshing drink and all I got was meatloaf?

When life hands you meatloaf:

And then my mind wandered to who would drink this concoction? Who do I know that likes both meatloaf and lemonade mixed drinks this much? Oh yes the only person who would drink meatloaf lemonade, the Professional:

This is so loafy!

And that is my brain thought for today, and also this is a really clear explanation of why my note taking for future doodles doesn’t always make sense.

♥ and Lollipops,

14 thoughts on “Unexpected Meatloaf

    1. I hope so… because otherwise my brain may be on constant drugs.

      And great analogy! I think a stream of meatloaf would be both disgusting and unexpected. Poor thirsty horse.

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