Monday’s are for Mermaids

I needed to make a post that wasn’t in the scope of my drawing competition!

Which probably means… it’s going to be a mermaid.

They are really what I’ve been making in my spare time… so like my mind is all nautical like all of the time.

And that’s just alright with me… it keeps my head out of space for like 30 minutes at a time.

So I present to you proudly, my Elliott and me self portrait:

it’s like my new favorite thing

Happy Monday!

Today’s drawing competition is going to be an exciting one :)


Mermaids with Style: Elisa Edition

I have been trying to improve my drawing abilities… because why the heck not.

And to combine that with my penchant for drawings Mermaids… and you get…

Well, you get more mermaids… just drawing with eyes instead of my signature beady-eyes

This one is a shout out to my homie Elisa and her uncanny ability to always be on vacation or planning one!

Right now she’s planning our vacation to Greece! We are going there this spring and it’s going to be amazing. And we are going to do what we do best, drink, laugh and look at buildings and stuff. I feel like I should put that on my resume…. so someday I can be professional looker at buildings, with an emphasis in laughing and drinking.


With Whip Cream on Top

I have been full of really great ideas lately.
And all of them have to do with ice cream.

It may be that I’m hungry, or that it takes to long to really get cold in California… But all I can really think of is ice cream animals.

And all I can think about when I’m working is Mermaids…

So I combined the two, and I feel really good about it.

Meet ice cream mermaid.

She is strawberry, and sprinkly.

I imagine she is like a baker mermaid, and that she smells really good (and totally not like gross fishies)

She’s like the strawberry shortcake of the sea.

And her favorite band is the Mer-Cure which features Robert Smith of the Sea. (I really want to draw him as a mermaid now)


Where are you???

I have been busy for the last month.

I am trying to make a business and I actually, which is kind of odd and brave.

And everyday I evaluate whether I am doing well at this or not… and so far, it’s been okay.

I’m making retro art available to decorate homes.

And I have my first art show this very month in Covina, CA.

This is a candy dot mermaid. She is for candy and mermaid enthusiasts.

I have a few drawings to post. But in the last month I have just made 13 variations of these mermaids and about 16 necklaces.

If you want to know anything about them, email me at


Mermaid Setback

So I have been really into the game on making mermaids lately…

And until today I couldn’t think of one thing I could do better than a mermaid could.

But then I spilled a big cup of iced tea on a drawing I was working on and very much realized something very important.

It would be very hard to draw underwater!!!

And If I couldn’t draw… I would be a very very sad illustrator.


Have yourself a Vicious Little Christmas

Today is a wonderful day to be with family, and watch the yule log.

I always make my sister watch the yule log for at least one entire song. And today was even better because I tricked her into it.

I hope your day is lovely and all the things it should be.

And I hope you ate a lot, and drank a lot too.

I personally did, and now my pants are a little tight…. and I feel like that means I was a little bit successful.


One busy week & One nautical wish

This week has been crazy. And every time I do this some Jimmy complains that I do not post enough on this blog.

So here’s a snazzy recap!

-I got to learn how to do a veil belly dance number. And had mad expertise on swishing around the veil, because I dramatically wrap myself up in blankets like a little hobo… on the daily.

-I ate fried chicken. Most fancily… might I add. While sporting my chicken eating necklace.

-I got fairy wings I ordered in the mail. Because I needed them to be a proper adult.

– I made a floral crown… just because I wanted to see if I could make one…. totally succeeded.

-I got called a hippy 3 times while not even wearing that floral crown… and I liked it. I do recycle and I am kind animals and the planet!

-I fell asleep with a cat in my arms instead of going to work on time today… he was just so comfy cozy.

-I did like 60% of the planning for my sister’s impending baby shower, most of it while in the shower.

-And I decided that I still wish I were a mermaid. Because I’d be swishing my blanket in the sea… while being mer-sparkly:

I just can’t shake that nautical feeling!

Have a great weekend everybody!


The Mermaid Fantasy!

Sometimes people ask me to draw things.

And I really like when that happens because, I can make something super nice for someone!

Apparently last year when I drew myself as a mermaid I started a frenzy of other people I know who also never got to realize their mermaid potential. I was hearing right and left from others who felt that they too needed to be a creature of the sea!

One of those wonderful people was Sarah! The adorable sister of Jimmy!

And even though I took a moderate eternity to finish it… Here she finally is…and I would like to present to the entire internet.

Sarah my mermaid homegirl:

She’s fishtastic! No wait she’s mer-iffic!

It’s so hard to be a mermaid in the Valley. But she’s totally doing it everyday complete with a classy, flashy, fish friend. She has the best mermaid style is all sorts of sparkly purple, has constantly color changing follicles… and is the best caretaker of sea horses in the whole Pacific.

This is pretty much on her business card.

I hope you like it Sarah! And I hope everyone has a super great weekend.

I’m off to the beach… to celebrate my bestie Isabel’s bachelorette party this weekend and not necessarily to become a mermaid.

Have a nice weekend everybody!

♥Lauren (who is going to be a mermaid no matter what)