The Blemish

Do you know anyone who is really awful and when they show up out of the blue you have that look on your face like you stepped in a steamy pile of poo?

Well I do and I have finally come up with the best/most current example of my feelings towards them:

If I were Taylor Swift I could make this into $14 million dollars… but I am not. And I probably will never date Jake Gyllenhaal either, that’s okay with me because his last name is hard to spell.

One more message to my zit:


Now that I have had my mean girl fun, I will bring the giggle girl to the situation. And well looking on the Miss Brightside of my problem… zits don’t last forever, and if you really need it there is always photoshop!


Practice, practice, practice

I’m no Alanis Morissette here. And the person this subject is about is not even as cool as Dave Coulier… who as we recall was not even the coolest “Uncle” on “Full House”…  But anyways, I digress. The drawing exists, and I should be able to share anything on my own site without fears of other people being insulted.

And if you have the world’s weakest constitution, you are on the best website on the interwebs  because nothing I post is gory or even remotely scary… it’s not even Al Gore-y on this site. Oh yeah, never mind the puns… I was presenting a doodle:


I may even print this on business card size paper, and give it out to people so they can have “official unapproval” from me. Can you imagine, you could be thrilled to get a doodle, and then realize it’s because I think you are like 12 thumbs down. (I counted my thumbs and the surviving Jackson brothers thumbs as well.)

I actually have had this drawing drawn and colored for a while. I made it when I was madder at people, even though it doesn’t seem very ragey, I was very very mad. But I kept telling myself, that it’s too not nice to post. However, lately I have felt a change in myself  that I rather like. I’ve been sharing that change with the good people who come to my site for some giggles and with my close friends in my everyday existence.  And darn it, this drawing wanted to be shared.

I hope you enjoyed it and remember, never tick off a girl who can photoshop and doodle up a response in a matter of seconds!