Button Day

My birthday is on Saturday…. I’m still deciding what I want to do!

But the only thing I know I want to do is post this drawing I never posted last year about my birthday also being the national day of buttons….

Fun Fact: National Button Day is America’s 24th favorite holiday!

Which is an amazing story solely because I love buttons. I even have a glass jar full of them.

And I love even more that Professional Eric super despises buttons.

Also I am in a mad scramble to start work on the remaining goals I have for my 27th year:

♥ Make a store of my doodle stuff (I just started working on this yesterday)

 ♥Get and learn how to play a ukulele (Um I may need more than 4 days on this one, but I’m going to Hawaii in December)

♥ Pass my architectural exams (This definitely won’t happen in 4 days but I just bought some study material)

♥Get my masters… Well now I know where I want to go… now it’s just the working on getting there.

I still have time though!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!