Button Day

My birthday is on Saturday…. I’m still deciding what I want to do!

But the only thing I know I want to do is post this drawing I never posted last year about my birthday also being the national day of buttons….

Fun Fact: National Button Day is America’s 24th favorite holiday!

Which is an amazing story solely because I love buttons. I even have a glass jar full of them.

And I love even more that Professional Eric super despises buttons.

Also I am in a mad scramble to start work on the remaining goals I have for my 27th year:

♥ Make a store of my doodle stuff (I just started working on this yesterday)

 ♥Get and learn how to play a ukulele (Um I may need more than 4 days on this one, but I’m going to Hawaii in December)

♥ Pass my architectural exams (This definitely won’t happen in 4 days but I just bought some study material)

♥Get my masters… Well now I know where I want to go… now it’s just the working on getting there.

I still have time though!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

6 thoughts on “Button Day

  1. Indeed, many happy returns of the day on your buttony birthday. Have fun Hawaian-style and hula ’til the cows come home. Store-bought doodles? Fascinating. What will they think of next !

    1. Not a problem Cakes! I hadn’t even made my birthday post yet!!!
      Thanks so much for thinking about me, especially when you see such a fun thing! I think I’m going to buy that actually!

      1. That doddle of you on the elephant was your best ever!!! It was so vivid it made me picture Indian printed fabric in the background and hear Indian music!!!! xo

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