Professional Quote of the Day: October 25th

Good Afternoon Professional Quote Enthusiasts!

On this Professional Tuesday. When the world needed a professional to step in on a meeting, there was one professional there to take the call. Of course, after that call was screened and transferred to him.

As explained in todays PQOTD:

Upon saying those Professional words Eric sprang from his desk, collected his coat and made his way out of the office onward towards professionalism. He did not care if there was rain, or snow, or if he’d lose all of his oxen on the way there (Oregon trail reference).

Eric is going to make that meeting, and he’s going to make it the best meeting that people have ever met at, because that is what a professional does.

Onwards to Professionalism!

This is why I cut you

I have been extra spicy lately. And by that I mean a little more bite your face off.
Now I only really notice this when I am at work and I think it could be for the following reasons:

1. I am suffering from “cubicle fever.” I honest to goodness feel the 8×8 yellow walls closing in on me…
2. It is quieter than mime hell in this office. And I’m not the only one here? What kind of frothy hell am I in?
3. The office penguin needs a fresh new hat. Pirate Penguins are so last season.
4. The temperature in the office is set on make Lauren into “Encino Man.” And I’m not really into Brendan Fraser.
5. I really want to see my new niece. She’s so fresh.
6. There is no “Mad Men” on TV. And it’s what I want, what I really really want.
7. The Beach boys do not enunciate their words in “Barbara Ann.” This is an absolute concern to me today.
8. I want to be dressed like Elvira, for all the rest of time. But no one can handle me being that provocative. Also I don’t think that hair will fit in my car.
9.The apple I brought to work today was supposed to be a “golden delicious,” and it was more of a “yellow mushy”… also it tasted only like wet.
10. I only remembered 175 countries out of the 198 countries in the world. Darn you Caribbean Islands, especially you Grenada. Because I totally forgot you existed.

I’m in serious need of a Photoshop break.


Professional Quote of the Day: October 6th

Good Afternoon PQOTD’RS!
There has been a lot happening in the professional world in the last few days.

In our office while printing a floor plan, our beloved plotter took a turn for the worse. She is now in a technological induced coma (turned off.)

While brazenly trying to save her, professional Eric realized that she need’s a specialist. The specialist may have not used the most technical terms when describing Crystal’s problem… and that is when the PQOTD happened:

Future advice to all the professional enthusiasts: If you want to talk to Professional Eric, you must get technical with him.


Wishing my days were swankier

I’m a big fan of that 1960’s look
Big hair, Big cars, men looking real nice in their suits:

(This was a nice way to use a Picture of Jon Hamm… who is the most hammsome guy in America, that joke is never old)
And women wore bad ass clothes… every day!

I wish I had a team of stylists to help a girl out. Stylists make Jessica Simpson look like she bathes for crying out loud. Think of what they could do for the already clean.

Onto Banana Republic to get those Leopard shoes!

Professional Quote of the Day: September 16th

Good Afternoon, professional enthusiasts!
There are very few things that could make a professional as excited as a teenage-girl-slow-dancing-with-Justin-Bieber, but INPUT is definitely one of those things.
And efficiency is definitely the other.
And when you combine the two, like those rings to summon Captain Planet. You get the most excited Professional in the universe as the following PQOTD will describe:

P.S. Enjoy that Quote because there won’t be any next week! I’m going on Vacation, and cannot be trusted to be professional during those hours. But there will be doodles. Oh yes, there will be doodles.

Professional Quote of the Day: September 7th

Today’s PQOTD or Professional Quote of the day for all you sillies who don’t believe in abbreviations, delves deep inside the psyche of the professional.

The following quote may change your very existence:

Now stop.

Listen to your computer…

Do you hear what it’s telling you?

Yep, I heard it too.

You need a new t-shirt.

Wait, woah… you need a professional t-shirt.

Let me help you…

This is the most professional t-shirt online BTW (which for those who don’t understand abbreviations means “behind the waterfall”):


Professional Quote of the Day: September 2nd

Today’s Professional Quote of the day is more like a professional mantra.

It is quiet honestly like one of the most beautiful professional sentences ever. I can just imagine a Rocky-like-montage being sprung from it.

But instead of like running and hitting meat… its more like organizing files, calling clients, eating protein bars (to keep up strength), loading the printer full of paper, drawing details fervently… (my imagination is awesome.)

Now while you are imagining all of this feel free to read the Quote:

Happy Friday a.k.a. The last professional day of the week!


Professional Quote of the Day: September 1st

Happy first Day of September to all of you professional enthusiasts! Today’s quote shows you the peaceful and reflective side of the professional one.

“Everyone being professional” is a synonym for it being super quiet in this office. While the soothing sounds of tapping keyboards are like magic to professionals, for me it can be so much deadlier.Sometimes, when all I hear are the clicking of the mouse and the typing of the keyboard I feel like I could certainly die of boredom:

I hope you are enjoying all the current quietness professional one!

P.S. nice Jim Halpert tie-in right there!

Professional Quote of the Day: August 30

Today’s Professional Quote of the day is a simile to the natural environment… where fish belong in water, ponies belong in grassy fields, socially awkward teens belong in Hot Topic, and professionals belong in… New York

Look at all his people:

Thanks for the Professional Photo Wiki News!

They are both equal parts glorious, and productive!