Drawing Challenge day #6

Today’s goalie goal for drawing is to make something colorful.

Which was a lot harder then  you think.

I tried to think of something colorful and make it my version of colorful.

So I present to you a peacock that is as bright at the sun”


Well read fruit: the Orange

Um I doodled this… But I don’t like Tyler Perry.
All his movies are the same…. in fact if this were his movie this would be orange would lose all it’s juice…

And then you would be all sad because if it were a Disney movie this orange would never lose all its juice...


The couch is what I crave

Okay so today I visited my couch.

And as all my friends know I do not own a house/nor apartment to place this luscious little number.

Otherwise it would be mine.

I met my future couch in downtown Orange about 3 weeks ago. It’s orange and shiny, and oh so modern. It makes me wish I had a place for it.

If you really like me, consider helping me buy this couch:

it looks great with weird lamps and dragon statuary!

I am so in love with this couch that i could marry it.

♫LAUREN (the couch lover)