The couch is what I crave

Okay so today I visited my couch.

And as all my friends know I do not own a house/nor apartment to place this luscious little number.

Otherwise it would be mine.

I met my future couch in downtown Orange about 3 weeks ago. It’s orange and shiny, and oh so modern. It makes me wish I had a place for it.

If you really like me, consider helping me buy this couch:

it looks great with weird lamps and dragon statuary!

I am so in love with this couch that i could marry it.

♫LAUREN (the couch lover)

3 thoughts on “The couch is what I crave

  1. wow. I hadn’t realized it looked so much like Jeanie’s couch…
    maybe that’s why I adore it so. I loved her shiny bottle room!

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