Isabel Stare-A-thon: Periscope wrap up

Hello stare-ers!
Whether you are a new fan of the stare-a-thon, or an old staring buddy we here at Viciously Sweet thank you for enjoying a month dedicated to staring at Isabel!

Now that the time has come to dismantle our newly purchased periscopes I can only tell you one thing..

I hope you bought that convenient periscope holder so you can store it until the next Stare-a-thon:


Remember you will be judged by other starers for improper periscopes use…You will be scoffed at by the throngs of starers who will say “Check out that periscopes current condition” and then they will full-heartedly guffaw at you, and then you will be all embarrassed and you will have to stare at home online by yourself… and not with the people.

Also remember there is also a closing ceremony next Monday.



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Professional Quote Of the Day: December 12th

It’s that magical time of the day where I need to quote my ever so professional co-worker. Sadly, the Professional Quote of the Day has not been in daily observance due to the importance of the Isabel Stare-A-thon 2011.

Frankly, I cannot take my eyes off of my periscope pointed San Diego way to get a steady flow of professional quotes a happening this holiday season.

But today is different. Today is a quote I have been saving for a special occasion, and this cold rainy afternoon is that very occasion. So without further ado I present to you a Professional Christmas Quote:

Don’t you love the joy of Eric’s professional words in glittery Christmas text?

Now, lets all get back to staring at Isabel!


Isabel Stare-A-Thon: The Diagram

Jolly Hollers Fellow Isabel Stare friends!

It has occurred to me that some people like to see sweet diagrams along with their staring!

So, on this the Joyous and Sweet 16th day of the stare-a-thon I bring to you this diagram about how your recently purchased periscope helps you stare at my childhood friend:

Remember to keep the stare-a-thon alive this holiday season!


Isabel Stare-a-thon: Crafty Stare-buddies

Hello Stare-ers!

Today on this special Monday edition of the Isabel Stare-a-thon I bring to you two men who are truly staring enthusiasts:

Yann and Lars the Staring Cousins!

Their favorite passtime of winter is to get decked out in Victorian costumes, and peruse the streets finding something to stare at. This year they set their sights on Isabel, and after fashioning these clever personal pericopes they say they will never go back to staring at anyone else:


Keep the Stare-a-thon in your heart!


Isabel Stare-a-thon: Stare Hard

This 2011 has met some major hurdles so far… a lack of photoshop, power outages, loss of computer memory. But it always shows up again with sweet and sour vengence.

I appreciate all the offline staring that has been happening lately. I think it has to do with how incredibly handy and useful periscopes have been this staring season.

So here’s a thanks to all those handy periscopers about the land:


Remember to stare because you care!

This message was sponsored by Submarine Sandwichland… a free periscope in every kids meal!