Happy Architecture: John Hancock Tower

I don’t usually post any of the architectural stuff that I do.  I have no idea why really… Maybe because I feel people are way too stuffy about architecture. Maybe because it’s what I do all day… anyways…

I was torn on this one because it is at both times architecture and a doodle. But I decided to post it because it is my favorite skyscraper. Simple and structurally magnificent I present to you Big John from Chicago:

Seriously they call it "Big John"

Also can anyone tell SOM, that I would like to make big buildings with them? Because its true.


The Beach is for frolicking

Sometimes its so warm that Eric has to get his beach on.

Sometimes he does this in the company of beautiful Oprah’s. But sometimes Oprah’s diva like requests get in the way. Like for example not touching sand:

Eric’s back hurt for 12 consecutive days… and he missed “Lady Fest 2009” because of this. And a note to Oprah sitting on this particular Eric is a little like that scene from Bruno….



The Hayworth

Eric likes ladies throughout all of the times… he doesn’t discriminate.

Here he is in Monte Carlo at about -30 years old with Rita Hayworth.

I am so happy that Eric informed me of all the picture I have not previously posted. I know he’s going to enjoy this one. Also that chair behind them is totally sweet, and I want it for the backyard I do not have.