The Professor!

Okay now that Eric is officially a Professor of vector line formations, I can post this without it being false as hell.

And he will teach you until your head wants to explode, and then he will keep teaching.


Isabel Stare-a-thon: Shiny Vamps

It has been said as of late that the newest group of Isabel fanatics are considered to be undead.
Yes, Twilight Fans as you sit there dreaming all day of this pasty guy… he sits there all day staring at the one, and only Isabel.

Vampires are really good at staring. He will pretty much be there until all eternity. Or until the next vampy film.

Her teen wolf following is like off the charts.


Jimmy The Fashion Plate

Jimmy has been saying that people are telling him to change up his polo shirt and vans stylings. They have even suggested places to shop.
Jimmy says he just “can’t imagine wearing those clothes.” Being the awesome friend that I am, I think I should help his imagination out.

The first fashion inspiration was sent by Jimmy himself.
I call it “Inspector Jimmy”

Here is the inspiration:

This is a straight classy look, for an assortment of professionals!!!

The second look is a little Bob Dylan-y but I think Jimmy could pull it off… due to the architect inside him.


This look is so artistic, It screams... "art!" (and not garfunkel)

This 3rd look is for professional Jimmy. I could see him being a little Mad-men-y in the future, when he’s crushing the hopefuls architectural dreams:

The mad inspiration:

Okay this is actually stylish. This was not just because I wanted to post a picture of Jon Hamm... that, is just a bonus

The fourth look is casual Jimmy. I could actually see this working. Also I like it because it’s kind of sailor-ish

The inpsiration:


This final look is soft scarfy Jimmy:

The inspiration:

Cold necks, are the reason for man scarf!

I hope this helped Jimmy!
Also what look do you like best for Jimmy?

Depressing Fall Fashion

I have been thinking lately that i need to start putting my feelings on my t-shirts like those weird people who tell me a brief synopsis of their life across their chest.
Well here is my fall line called:
Stop Raining on my Dreams.

And it is dedicated to all the people who RAIN ON MY DREAMS of joy and general merriment.
Thank you for making my existence harder.

Ruining a persons day has never been so fashionable!