Happy Architecture: John Hancock Tower

I don’t usually post any of the architectural stuff that I do.  I have no idea why really… Maybe because I feel people are way too stuffy about architecture. Maybe because it’s what I do all day… anyways…

I was torn on this one because it is at both times architecture and a doodle. But I decided to post it because it is my favorite skyscraper. Simple and structurally magnificent I present to you Big John from Chicago:

Seriously they call it "Big John"

Also can anyone tell SOM, that I would like to make big buildings with them? Because its true.


Star Trek W/ Eric

In Anticipation of the new Star Trek Movie I had an in office photoshop countdown of some of the famous characters of the franchise starring my co-worker Eric. Here is Eric as Spock:

Seriously, when he finds this online he may kill me :)
Seriously, when he finds this online he may kill me :)

I ♥ Photoshop


Fine Art w/ Clay

Many years ago the Police sang the song “Every little thing She does is Magic,” if they were to write that song in modern times they would call it “Every little thing Clay does is Magic”… and it would be so true.

As many people have seen my dear friend Isabel and Clay Aiken share a cosmic connection based on music and mutual admiration.

So much so that Clay is reported to have a room in his Hollywood estate dedicated to the art of Isabel! After many years of dedicating songs to her he has now decided to capture her in tangible art…

I give to you Clay Aiken’s painting “Isabel in May”…