Real-Lifetime-Remakes pt. 1

We will kick off our faux-lifetime movie marathon with a some scandelousness…

Tagline: What will happen to Isabel and Clay… if there is too much love???

Soundtrack featuring: “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce

I think that this maybe one of Lifetime’s biggest hits if they made this version.  I don’t think the 1996 version starring Jenny Garth could hold a candle to the love of Isabel and Clay… it could even win an emmy… for most awesomeness contained to a 2 hour period.


Elder Lovin’

It has been known for quite some time that Christine has had a penchant for the elderly. She was the only girl at St. Lucy’s with a pin-up of Dave Foley… if you know what I mean.

It was only recently that we found out the true scope of her old man passions…

The truth is more than mildy horrifying.


Isabel and Clay: Origins

Many people around the globe have been intrigued with the connection between Isabel and Clay Aiken. Many have asked how long has this “connection” been going on?

The answer may shock and amaze you, as we share with you this awesome exclusive content from Isabel’s childhood.

As you can see from the photograph below Isabel and Clay have know eachother for years… they’re admiration has since grown in trifold!

Here is a photo of them as young tender friends celebrating weird basket day…


In fact Isabel’s own mother was not aware of the magnitude of dressing Isabel in this fine outfit. She just thought it was a clever catchphrase all the kids were into, she didn’t realize it was the start of an odd fascination that would stick with her first born forever.

Isabel and Clay a love that has lasted a lifetime… what a feel good story


Alternate Career Paths pt. 1

David’s love of water and splashing could have led him to being a brilliant seal trainer at Sea World, if he hadn’t missed that important day in the second grade when he had a cold. Instead he attended school on Jan 13th 1995 and  became fascincated with becoming an engineer…

Things could have been so different.