Nautical Trinkets

At Unique LA I purchased a not-so-unique, but incredibly fun telescope necklace. I wore it today at work closed… until lunch when Eric asked if I was wearing a rape whistle. Although I am a fan of guarding yourself from stranger danger… I do not actually own a rape whistle… so, now the telescope is open…
and I can spot a pirate at 2 times closer range now… So watch out Jack Sparrow.

P.S. You can shiver your own timbers.

Love on the High Seas w/ Clay

The Love Boat is exciting and new!

Currently aboard the most delectable cruise that ever sailed is none other than Captain Clay Aiken and First Mate Isabel!

I heard that they are sailing of the coast of destiny and into the sunset… And for those who are bad with geography here is a map:


don’t rock the boat kiddos!