World Domination with Extra Cheese… Please

The title of this post is kind of verging on Evil Steve Urkel territory. But don’t worry there is none of that Stefan Urquelle stuff happening here. I just woke up this morning brimming with confidence and purpose. I even blasted through getting ready this morning because the world was just waiting for…. ME!!!!!!!!!! (That was my best Elle Wood’s scream, btw.)

But by the time I got to work after encountering every red light, (and some extra lights I think the city stuck into the roads today…) I had lost that spark, and for about .002 seconds I was totally lost. And then a new desire now coursed through my veins:

Tonight… there will be pizza!

My kingdom for a Pizza

This is kind of a new Installment of Storytime with Lauren.
Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted food at Disneyland.
Remember when I was up in arms about fried chicken?
Well it’s happened again. After the terrible loss of fried chicken, I have moved my desired Disney food to the pizza realm.
Pizza from its german/pinnochio themed experience:

Because not only does it have pizza but it plays yodeling music, which is awesome to eat pizza to. It makes you want to slap on some lederhosen, and craft a child our of wood.

Well when I got to the old Village Haus. I was surprised as hell to see that it was boarded up and closed.

The sign said “If you want to enjoy pizza go to the Rocket Port.” Being that Rocket port pizza is nasty and by the slice I said “Let’s just go to the by the slice place in California adventure.”

This is how far I had to go to get this:

And when I got there… the Restaurant was torn down. No pizza for anyone. Sometimes Disney stories have awful endings….

Favorite things: Wild Omar


i’m sending this edition of favorite things as a shout out to Isabel.

she knows why.

Todays edition of favorite things is MOST DEFINITELY…. WILDOMAR

And here is all the reasons why it should be one of your favorites too!

1. For Wild Omar himself

2. For the love of Nature

3. Because they have civilization

4. For the California SUNSHINE

5. Because they have more than adobe’s. This house is like 3x the size of my house.

6. because they have birthday parties

7. They believe in magic

8. They celebrate California’s heritage:

9. They have wicked amounts of pipes:

10. They have cool rides:

Yay! California!


Stand & Deliver

No not that Edward James Olmos movie.

I am so addicted to the new No Doubt song “Stand and Deliver”.

it’s a slightly more rasta version than that of Atom Ants. It’s guaranteed tons of fun…

it also makes me think that No Doubt should sell Pizza… because it would make an awesome Pizza Hut song…

seriously, your money or your life
seriously, your money or your life


And they could have like a No Doubt Pizza flavor and stuff… I have no clue what kind of toppings that would include… maybe pineapple :)

Stand & Deliver by No Doubt