Professional Quote of the Day: Professional Response

Today, the most professional of all professionals has been so busy project managing and typing upon his keyboard it’s been hard to quote him. When it seemed all was lost and no quote would be bestowed upon us, Eric emerged from his cubicle (like a Pegasus from the heavens) to respond to a fellow professional who seems to be in a bit of a professional dilemma:

Original Post (Sorry to post it with the typo’s):

Professional Response of the Day:

Thank both of you for your undaunting professional devotion to California and Texas. Also thank you for comparing professionalism to Lug Nuts, because that is awesome.

Professional Quote of the Day: October 12th

Good Afternoon Professional Quote Enthusiasts!

There has been a serious lack of professionalism on this blog lately and I am going to bring an end to it!

Have you ever been in the presence of a professional whose reports are so pristine, drawings so flawless, details so error-less. And you want to give them a professional salute?

Then beads of sweat appear on your brow, and dread fills your innards. How do you give a professional salute? Is is a high-five? No, too Bill and Ted. Is it with 2 fingers? 4? All 10?

Well worry no more Professional Eric is back with the PQOTD and he’s going to teach you about professional protocol:

*Relief* Now I know what to do next time! And apparently 4 finger salutes are for hippies. And they don’t salute professionals.

Professional Quote of the Day: September 8th

We here at Viciously Sweet are usually about the funny haha’s… But right now, you better buckle up your buttercup because this Professional Quote of the Day is… going to be inspirational!

This one is for all those kids who show up on time with a smile on their face to work at the local Hot Dog on a Stick, or that one actually happy person greeting people at Wal-Mart. And especially for all those people who refuse to wear casual clothes on casual friday:

Congratulations on being in the elite field of professionals. I imagine that field is full of ties, and iPhones, and money… like Jay-Z amounts of money.

Here’s an artist interpretation:


Professional Quote of the Day: August 12th

There has been a severe lack of quotes as of late. But don’t worry about it… Eric is not losing his professional touch.
In fact today Professional Eric is sharing a bit of his professional life advice with us:

Maybe the next time you dine out you may want to eat like a professional!
As everyone knows It comes with a drink, professional side of your choice, and two new additions to your contacts!