Professional Quote of the Day: October 12th

Good Afternoon Professional Quote Enthusiasts!

There has been a serious lack of professionalism on this blog lately and I am going to bring an end to it!

Have you ever been in the presence of a professional whose reports are so pristine, drawings so flawless, details so error-less. And you want to give them a professional salute?

Then beads of sweat appear on your brow, and dread fills your innards. How do you give a professional salute? Is is a high-five? No, too Bill and Ted. Is it with 2 fingers? 4? All 10?

Well worry no more Professional Eric is back with the PQOTD and he’s going to teach you about professional protocol:

*Relief* Now I know what to do next time! And apparently 4 finger salutes are for hippies. And they don’t salute professionals.

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