Professional Quote of the Day: November 11th

Good Afternoon Professionalites!

It’s the most wonderful time of the day! No not 11:11 on 11-11-11. But it is time for the professional quote of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you ever feel like the little things you add to projects is minuscule, non-important, or even easily forgettable?

Well Professional Eric doesn’t think so. He very much appreciates your details as shown in this Friday version of the PQOTD:

Boy do professionals love their details, and using the word “incorporated.”



Professional Quote of the Day: November 10th

Today on the Professional Quote of the day, I present to you a completely true and utterly fascinating fact.

A true Professional cannot take anything at face value.

They have to investigate, explore and comprehend before anything gets their professional approval. You can’t get anything past them, not one Provocative Cactus, or a chicken, or a picture of their face in one tiny but important rendering… it’s so unfair!

Someday I will succeed! Okay I’m done with this post… let me just double check it….


Professional Quote of the Day: November 9th

Good Afternoon All You Professional Quote of the Day Readers!

Some people have many questions about professionalism… Like: How can I tell if someone is a real professional or if they are a professional poseur? Is there some sort test a doctor can give you to see if you come up positive being a professional? Do they have reflections? Are they a card carrying organization?

These are very interesting questions with very interesting answers:

Firstly, you should ask them if there name is Eric, this may be a direct correlation to professionalism (science is still investigating this.)

Secondly, there is no official test to prove your professionalism. Sorry about that.

Thirdly, Yes professionals usally have reflections, you may be confusing them with vamp——-

Wait, you know the best way to find out about professionals is to read the criteria as specified by California’s Professional Hero:

Remember this pro-mantra, and maybe someday you will transform into a professional yourself.


Professional Quote of the Day: November 8th

Good Afternoon Professionalites!

Now I am back in town and close enough to quote the Most Treasured Professional in the San Gabriel Valley. Much to my surprise, I have emerged from my Montana vacation to find the feistiest Professional Eric in Southern California. He is so angry he can hardly answer and respond to his work email… during non-work hours!


Now on to the PQOTD!

Lying somewhere betwixt the realm of everyone’s truest-gayest-love Oscar Wilde, and curmudgeon-y b.f.f. Winston Churchill; Professional Eric got his professional diss on:

So you better watch out, Unprofessionals all about the land. PSIC is mad as heck and he isn’t going to take it anymore!

Professional Quote of the Day: November 3rd

Good Afternoon Professionalites! (The followers of the Professional Quote of the Day)

There are many things that make a professional jump for joy.
Here is a non definitive list:

-New technology
-USB ports
-Spread sheets
-Sending an informative email
-Scientific discoveries
-Newer technology

But more than most things professionals like “proofing” or “pro-oofing” a situation, as shown in todays PQOTD:

And he was so happy that for the rest of the day he sync’d his phone with the joyous delight of 12 professionals.

♫Lauren (a professional in training)

Professional Quote of the Day: November 1st

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The time hath come for the newest Professional Quote on the West (and the best) Coast.

The professional is hungry. And when he gets hungry… he does like every other coordinated professional does… make legislation.

While chewing upon the most professional sandwich in the San Gabriel Valley. He said the following statement:

And then we, the good people of the Office Oval vetoed that because we will not have that forceful type of regulation, even if the most professional had good intentions behind it. I would rather toss my lunch into the outside dumpster in protest in an lunch-y homage to the Boston Tea Party (as we are nowhere near Boston Harbor) than have my lunch pushed unceremoniously to the half hour.


Professional Quote of the Day: October 31st

Good Afternoon Professional Enthusiasts!

Eric is trying to keep mum on a professional quote that has to do with Halloween.
Mostly, because he believes that professionalism does not mix with the world of Halloween.

But there are things that professionals like to celebrate… for example when they get a new email with an attachment:

OMG. Let’s CC: El Boo Hoo Hoo! The lovable office ghost!

OMG. I hope someone dresses as professional Eric today!

Oh wait, the whole office came as Eric today!


Professional Quote of the Day: October 26th

Good Afternoon PQOTD-ers!

Today’s Professional quote is a short and simple one. Sometimes when a professional wants to be included in a situation, or added to a long never-ending list of emails they say to you these words:

And when this specific Professional asks you to CC, you CC him with a smile in your heart. At least the Dab does.

Professional Quote of the Day: October 25th

Good Afternoon Professional Quote Enthusiasts!

On this Professional Tuesday. When the world needed a professional to step in on a meeting, there was one professional there to take the call. Of course, after that call was screened and transferred to him.

As explained in todays PQOTD:

Upon saying those Professional words Eric sprang from his desk, collected his coat and made his way out of the office onward towards professionalism. He did not care if there was rain, or snow, or if he’d lose all of his oxen on the way there (Oregon trail reference).

Eric is going to make that meeting, and he’s going to make it the best meeting that people have ever met at, because that is what a professional does.

Onwards to Professionalism!