Professional Quote of the Day: Professional Response

Today, the most professional of all professionals has been so busy project managing and typing upon his keyboard it’s been hard to quote him. When it seemed all was lost and no quote would be bestowed upon us, Eric emerged from his cubicle (like a Pegasus from the heavens) to respond to a fellow professional who seems to be in a bit of a professional dilemma:

Original Post (Sorry to post it with the typo’s):

Professional Response of the Day:

Thank both of you for your undaunting professional devotion to California and Texas. Also thank you for comparing professionalism to Lug Nuts, because that is awesome.

Professional Quote of the Day: October 21st

Good Afternoon Professional Quote followers!

Sorry for the lack of posts, there has been so much work activity this week it has been difficult to find proper professional information to share with the masses.

But, today being the Eric’s true professionalism has shown through the clouds, and has dropped some professional enlightenment on the San Gabriel Valley.
– – – – – – – – – –

There are so many things that can excite a professional. Efficiently managing projects, re-pathing file locations, thoroughly answering professional related questions, defragging everyone’s hard drives… and coordinating, as this Professional Quote of the Day demonstrates:

Come on he’s so professional he has no time to spare for those who cannot coordinate with professional prowess.

Have a Professional Weekend!

Professional Quote of the Day: October 17th

Good Day Professional Enthusiasts!

It is late in the workday on this Monday afternoon. But don’t you fret, because there is so much professional activity happening under this office roof today… it could make your t-shirt grow a tie!

Making his much-anticipated appearance on the intwerwebs today, Professional Eric discusses the proper corn choice for aspiring professionals in the following PQOTD:

Moral of the story:
The next time you are eating with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, do not give them loose corn.
They will see through your professional ruse.

Professional Quote of the Day: October 13th

The time has come to get your PQOTD on!

Professionals don’t need a play by-play. They are looking at the future. They are strategizing for possible outcomes. They are making excel spreadsheets based on 7 years in the future.

In short a true professional has already thought all the things you have already thought and all the things you eventually will.

Let’s tie that in with a Professional Quote of the Day:

In fact, Eric’s thinking ahead is landing his thoughts in the summer of 2022.
He’s so got a pie chart brewing in his heart for that.


Professional Quote of the Day: October 12th

Good Afternoon Professional Quote Enthusiasts!

There has been a serious lack of professionalism on this blog lately and I am going to bring an end to it!

Have you ever been in the presence of a professional whose reports are so pristine, drawings so flawless, details so error-less. And you want to give them a professional salute?

Then beads of sweat appear on your brow, and dread fills your innards. How do you give a professional salute? Is is a high-five? No, too Bill and Ted. Is it with 2 fingers? 4? All 10?

Well worry no more Professional Eric is back with the PQOTD and he’s going to teach you about professional protocol:

*Relief* Now I know what to do next time! And apparently 4 finger salutes are for hippies. And they don’t salute professionals.

Professional Quote of the Day: October 7th

Good Afternoon PQOTD fans!

Eric has basically been on a professional sabbatical since his return from the Houston, Texas which is affectionately called “Space City” by the people.

Because of this there has been a lack of professional quotes… Thank goodness for the countless historians who have a back catalog of professional moments.

With that introduction I bring you a classic Professional Eric quote that I believe had something to do with a personal AutoCAD error:



Professional Quote of the Day: October 6th

Good Afternoon PQOTD’RS!
There has been a lot happening in the professional world in the last few days.

In our office while printing a floor plan, our beloved plotter took a turn for the worse. She is now in a technological induced coma (turned off.)

While brazenly trying to save her, professional Eric realized that she need’s a specialist. The specialist may have not used the most technical terms when describing Crystal’s problem… and that is when the PQOTD happened:

Future advice to all the professional enthusiasts: If you want to talk to Professional Eric, you must get technical with him.


Professional Quote of the Day: October 5th

Today’s PQOTD came in just under the wire. This little nugget of joy was created on a phone conversation like 10 minutes ago…

Sometimes speed is important to the life of a professional, as demonstrated in the quote below:

Basically, upload speed fast-ness is like the Indianapolis 500 to a professional. And professionals have a need for speed.

And not like a Charlie Sheen need for speed, if you know what I mean.


Professional Quote of the Day: October 4th

The True Professional is back in town.
He swept in at promptly 8 am to make his professional work week debut this morning in rainy (and rainbow-y SGV)
Today’s Professional Quote of the day is one from the PQOTD Archives that has yet to be released

A quick and helpful note: some people’s Journey gets stuck on “Don’t Stop Believing”
But there are a lot of other great Journey songs… like “Open Arms”, “Lights”, “Wheel in the Sky…” or my sister’s favorite “Oh, Sherry.”
As for me and Cecelia, we like “Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin”… its more provocative.