Cinco de Mayo

Today on this glorious Cinco de Mayo I want to share a simple story.

My new work is amazing and offered delicious churros today. I being a churro enthusiast took full advantage of this. I may be exaggerating but I literally think all I ate was churros today. My coworker said I had the energy and enthusiasm of a chipper squirrel.

I think that is a good thing.

Anyways Happy 5th of May!


Also did you know that it’s Oyster day? I mean while you are throwing back some margaritas and Coronas you might as well throw some oysters your way too!

I’m going to recover from my sugar high now….



sugar high induced second doodle about how I imagine Jimmy Cinco de Mayo’s

Churro Queen

I don’t want to ruin anyone’s dreams here (Sorry, Christine), but there is a new Benevolent Queen of Churro’s in town… and that girl is me.

After very little deliberation my Office decided I shall be the Churro Queen.

I got a beautiful sash, a bouquet of Churros, and all the scholarship money ($.75) associated with the title.

With my victory in mind I release the following statement:
I promise to keep the office of Churro Royalty steadfast and true, and I solemnly vow that no churro will get left behind.

But I would also like to add that I am only the Churro Queen of Glendora… I think Eagle Rock, Pasadena and Duarte have separate and equal Churro Queen Titles. And they are up for grabs… But I will bring it during the Miss Churro Universe circuit, girl.

Have a churro-rific weekend people!

♫Lauren, The Queen of Churros