Churro Queen

I don’t want to ruin anyone’s dreams here (Sorry, Christine), but there is a new Benevolent Queen of Churro’s in town… and that girl is me.

After very little deliberation my Office decided I shall be the Churro Queen.

I got a beautiful sash, a bouquet of Churros, and all the scholarship money ($.75) associated with the title.

With my victory in mind I release the following statement:
I promise to keep the office of Churro Royalty steadfast and true, and I solemnly vow that no churro will get left behind.

But I would also like to add that I am only the Churro Queen of Glendora… I think Eagle Rock, Pasadena and Duarte have separate and equal Churro Queen Titles. And they are up for grabs… But I will bring it during the Miss Churro Universe circuit, girl.

Have a churro-rific weekend people!

♫Lauren, The Queen of Churros

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