Sensible Sweaters: Not Allowed

There is some weird weather happening around the LA area recently. It’s more like I’m in New Orleans, than 20 miles from the beach.

The air is both drippy, and unpleasantly warm. And last night/ this morning it even rained. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining… in fact:

I’m hoping for more rain this afternoon.

Have a delicious and childish weekend, I know I’m going to.

Oh blanket, it’s raining raining!

It’s a rainy morning out here in the San Gabriel Valley.

I thought about rushing a doodle about my viciousness. But I stopped, because a rainy day has no use rushing.

In fact, I wish I was not working right now… Because today seems like a fuzzy green blanket and staying at home watching cheesy 1980’s sitcoms. I could really stand for a nice simple “Perfect Strangers” marathon right now.

But I have to work to make money to eat and stuff. So doodle Lauren yet again gets to live out my dreams:

I can practically hear her sing:

♫ Standing taallllllllll on the wings of my dreams! ♫

And nothing’s going to stop her now.