Oh blanket, it’s raining raining!

It’s a rainy morning out here in the San Gabriel Valley.

I thought about rushing a doodle about my viciousness. But I stopped, because a rainy day has no use rushing.

In fact, I wish I was not working right now… Because today seems like a fuzzy green blanket and staying at home watching cheesy 1980’s sitcoms. I could really stand for a nice simple “Perfect Strangers” marathon right now.

But I have to work to make money to eat and stuff. So doodle Lauren yet again gets to live out my dreams:

I can practically hear her sing:

♫ Standing taallllllllll on the wings of my dreams! ♫

And nothing’s going to stop her now.


16 thoughts on “Oh blanket, it’s raining raining!

  1. When I read this I wanted to be under a fuzzy blanket, drinking hot tea and eating toast. (I know I have an obsession with toast). What is it with the sound of rain that makes us feel like hibernating in our jim jams?

    But alas….someone has to make the money to buy the bread to make the toast for us to eat. Right?

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