Office Confessions: Just like Heaven…

So today has been a mildly uneventful day in my hood.

And I am just fine with that… While I found myself getting lost in grids and information blocks of doors and room information. I got a big smile on my face. I was listening to the Cure.

And sometimes things just don’t get much better than that!

I just love listening to the Cure. Robert Smith rocks my socks!

Also tomorrow is my brothers birthday he’s going to be the big 4-0! Which means 4! Happy Pre-Birthday Tony!



Is Lauren Interested? A Handy Guide to Figure Out How to Make Me Listen to You

Have you ever wondered when you are talking to me if I am interested in what you are talking to me about? I must tell you that if you are wondering you may already have your answer. Am I looking far away into space? Am I giggling in the middle of your words? Sorry about that friend, my brain goes at approximately 234 miles per second.

Lauren's Note: Sorry that this doodle scares you, Amber.

Now venture into the next zone carefully:

Firstly, ask yourself  is this really news I need to hear? Be honest with yourself. If the answer is no… walk away, until you made your story into an awesome concoction that I can’t live without.

If your answer is yes, I need to know about it instantly. You may want to use some Lauren convo traps. (I have a feeling that giving away my secrets may be a huge mistake, but I want to hear about new and exciting things, trap me into learning!)

The bait was something shiny!

1. Have you mentioned “the Cure” in any way? Mentioning Robert Smith and his brethren of musical accompaniments may help me  completely tune into what you are saying. Friday I’m in… totally listening to you.

In my imagination we could totally go get gelato and buy matching lipstick...

2. Have you thought of mentioning 30 Rock? If not you should! You may just blow my mind grapes with your witty repertoire.

I would wolf my teamster sub for Floyd.

3. If you may be losing me in conversation don’t fret… bring up chickens! Be they fried, doodled, free range, applying for drivers licenses in Arkansas… I’m there.

Chicken its the best food, and your best friend

4. Art, lets talk about it.. Mondrian, Hopper, Munch, Shag, Bob Dob, Utrillo, Kahlo…

Also Lets make famous art into chickens... combining numbers is muy bueno.

5. Am I going to get a present at the end of this conversation? Just give me a present. People should really give me more presents anyway.

Today the Dab gave me a rubber band, a paper clip and a binder clip... I was overjoyed.

6. Lets talk architecture. This is separate from art, because it is kind of my real profession and all.Tell me about your favorite building mid convo, I want to know about it. And if you can weave that into the story your telling… all the better.

Architectural PUNS!

7. This thing you are talking about…  are you super passionate about it? Does it drive your existence? I love to hear that kind of stuff… I mean if you are really into your story… How could it not become a classic for all ages?

I hope you love it when I talk about gelato

8. Are you talking about an instance that happened to someone I know… that always helps, so I can imagine… I’m usually hoping for a funny circumstance or something… But if its someone I don’t really like- like at all, lets not tell the story. Let’s instead talk about #1-7.

I need an owl to help me out in this situation

And that is really it. Help me become a better listener! I really want to hear all about that really cool thing that happened to you that one time when that other thing happened.


P (to the ) S: that was a lot of doodles.

Robert Smith: American Hero

This is not my most rad drawing ever… but it is of a doodle of one of my favorite musicians.

This a stunningly accurate drawing of him by the way. Seriously I got his complexion down and his make-up is devastatingly precise.


Lauren Fun Fact #32

Just in case you were wondering what I’m thinking about when it appears I’m not really all there…
Show me, show me, show me:

If this were the 1980's it would be pretty much all I think about


He likes Your Moves

Okay as well known as I could possibly make this…. I love the Cure,  I adore them so much I could use a “♥”. Actually one of my dreams has always been to meet Robert Smith… he’s the definition of cool to me!

I must also say that I cannot stop listening to The Black Kids, they have this song that sounds so much like the Cure the first time I heard it I felt the joy of Robert Smith.

Apparently not everyone digs their sound because they sound too much like the Cure… but in my opinion sounding like the Cure can never be wrong!!!!!

And the music video could not be any more awesome. If at all possible they combined the Cure and Marie Antoinette together… (yeah more that just the soundtrack!!!)

here’s some clips from the video that state my case  :)

looks like Marie Antoinette by Sophia Coppala….

also it looks like the video for boys don’t cry

I could just pass out due to my obscene happiness!!!!



Wonders: Robert Smith

Does anyone ever wonder about Robert Smith from the Cure??? Besides me? I find that when my mind wanders it usually ends at Robert Smiths hair.

Is anyone else noticing this resurgence of tendrils much like that of Mr. Smiths? I saw a girl at the mall who could have been his hair twin on Sunday.

I wanted to run to her and ask her about hair maintenance but realized she probably never combed her hair.. thus it’s appearance.

I also think I’m so interested in these specific locks because I have always associated the Cure with ultimate coolness, and realize in an architectural office… maybe Robert’s hair would not be so awesome.

No one would be able to see past my monitor, and i think things would get stuck in it. So alas his mighty style shall never be mine 

Also every morning when i wake my hair looks like this:

And since I’m not from New Jersey circa 1986… it’s just not my thing.


p.s. seriously how does Robert Smith do it???

does he have like a magic hairbrush???