An Homage to My Personal Hero: Navin Johnson

I know I talk about Steve Martin and “the Jerk” a lot, but it is one of my favorite movies with one of my favorite actors.

I do enjoy all the lovely comments I get from other people out there who know what I’m talking about when I say:
“Be Somebody”

courtesy of

Which I said the whole week I was in Hawaii last year. And basically what I say anytime I get something with an umbrella in it.

I also just appreciate all the joy the movie has given me in life.

Like aspiring to have my own Disco Hall with my own disco dancers.

courtesy of John Lund

The dangers of cat juggling.

Why although I am blind I will never use an optigrab.

Courtesy of Look Matic.

Open my mind to new foods. For example I still need to give pizza in a cup a try:

Courtesy of Cup O Pizza Blog!

And most importantly to never trust whitey.

And mostly I think I like the movie, because we’re all a bit of a Jerk sometimes. Not in an awful Jersey Shore way, but in a way that we don’t always see our own assy-ness.

(My sad reality, is that when my mom saw this she said “Oh its perfect, you are a jerk.)


P.S. Following Steve Martin on Twitter can change your life.

The Happy Gauge

Christine and I get to see Tina Fey and Steve Martin today at Club Nokia… I’m so excited I mostly finished this doodle:

If I got any happier I would be running down the hall screaming!

Pardon me… I think I’m going to go to the hallway now.


Lauren’s Personal Thoughts w/ Lauren

Okay I know that there is some sort of respect and well wishing that must be sent to the people experiencing incredible devastation 5,000 miles from here.
And of course I send them well wishes, prayers, and safety!

But now to my more localized thoughts. Yes I have real thoughts! And here they are!

* I am happy that I did not give up Tina Fey related media for Lent, because Christine and I are going to see her (AND STEVE MARTIN) in LA next month. I could pass out for the joy that some of my dreams are actually ALIVE!

Seriously, and they aren't even musicians!

* I have mixed feelings about violence towards the Dab… who would have had to remove the heel of my shoe from his face if I had missed a night with Tina Fey and Steve Martin. And because I feel like I still may hit him, just because.

In his rostro y mas.

* I am really excited to see Isabel this weekend because witnessing her in real life is so much better than textually online.

*I can’t believe I made it through this week without cursing at people during work. (They totally deserve it) Not Amber though :) Also you should never make a girl mad who can photoshop with reckless abandon!


I am really sad that I never posted folkerico… which is Eric photoshopped on a woman folklorico dancer… if you couldn’t figure it out, shame on me for being nice.

*Also I would like everyone to know that you can say whatever you like about me, and you don’t have to like me or anything of the sort. But personally, I think I’m pretty rad (and I think you know it too):

Have a nice weekend and be safe and delicious!