Lauren’s Personal Thoughts w/ Lauren

Okay I know that there is some sort of respect and well wishing that must be sent to the people experiencing incredible devastation 5,000 miles from here.
And of course I send them well wishes, prayers, and safety!

But now to my more localized thoughts. Yes I have real thoughts! And here they are!

* I am happy that I did not give up Tina Fey related media for Lent, because Christine and I are going to see her (AND STEVE MARTIN) in LA next month. I could pass out for the joy that some of my dreams are actually ALIVE!

Seriously, and they aren't even musicians!

* I have mixed feelings about violence towards the Dab… who would have had to remove the heel of my shoe from his face if I had missed a night with Tina Fey and Steve Martin. And because I feel like I still may hit him, just because.

In his rostro y mas.

* I am really excited to see Isabel this weekend because witnessing her in real life is so much better than textually online.

*I can’t believe I made it through this week without cursing at people during work. (They totally deserve it) Not Amber though :) Also you should never make a girl mad who can photoshop with reckless abandon!


I am really sad that I never posted folkerico… which is Eric photoshopped on a woman folklorico dancer… if you couldn’t figure it out, shame on me for being nice.

*Also I would like everyone to know that you can say whatever you like about me, and you don’t have to like me or anything of the sort. But personally, I think I’m pretty rad (and I think you know it too):

Have a nice weekend and be safe and delicious!

2 thoughts on “Lauren’s Personal Thoughts w/ Lauren

    1. I recall being raised on Steve Martin myself. I had watched a highly edited version of the Jerk since I was about 8. I know quite candidly I would not be the same person had my parents not given me the gift of Steve Martin’s comedy… in a good way of course!
      I remember that I was about 21 before I saw the Jerk unedited! I always thought Navin’s dog was named Stupid! I felt a little bit like Navin Johnson myself when I heard what it really was.

      p.s. All I need is this blog, and nothing else…

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