I was devastated by the Scandal half season finale…

Mostly because I spent the last few months watching the entire season,and now I caught up and knew everything.

And much like everyone else… now I have to wait for new episodes… and that is the worst.

So finally, tonight I get to see what I’ve been waiting for since December… More Scott Foley!

Yay Scandal!!!


The one where Lauren turned out to be a Rachel

Dear Internet,
I’m sorry there have been a lot of things happening as of late. Not all of the things happening have been particularly interesting. One thing that has been interesting has been the stalking. I have an internet stalker… who I am sure is reading this right now! Hi. Can you do me a solid and please stop freaking me out? The other interesting thing that happened to me was I got a free pretzel at the mall.

Also, I have been not watching an extensive amount of romantic comedies… like my normal self would- mostly because I am studying my for my architectural exams, and I have been obsessively exercising. I got to change it up, and I suppose that time is now.

Something else I have been doing different is watching “Friends”. Although I loved the show when I was a child and teenager. I always thought that Ross and Rachel turned out to be the most irritating people ever. Like, ever. Did they like each other? Did they have like a fluffy hair championship going on? Were they really supposed to be together? Why did Ross marry everyone he ever met? Bleh. Everyone got tired of it, because in real life everyone just wants to eat a sandwich with Joey, and sing a song or two with Phoebe.

Now when I was a kid I idolized Monica, she had it all the cool apartment, a really fun job, she dated TOM SELLECK! And eventually she married Chandler (Boy, was that a Spoiler if you haven’t seen that show)… who was the coolest dude on the show to me. I knew as a child I wanted to grow up to be a Monica… you know help people out, and clean everything one more time after other people had already cleaned. And then I started watching the show again and I realized the most terrifying thing that could happen to a girl.

I was just innocently watching when I realized I grew up to be a really naive, moderately spoiled, gets my clothes dry cleaned, completely lost kind of 20 something person. And I can’t cook, nor do I have those long peasant skirts, and I don’t relish sandwiches as much as Joey… and all I do is freak out about not knowing what I am doing… I saw Rachel differently, I understood her turmoil about liking and hating Ross at the same time. I understood why she runs away from commitments, I understood how much time she spends on her hair, I understood that she has no idea why she does these things… because I have no clue either.

And I even say stuff like this:

I’m going to hide in a corner and flip my hair out 90s style now. And Ross is going to go marry some British girl I think.


And this is a shoutout to Amber… Dab is totally a Joey.

A Message to Adam Levine

Hi there internet!

I went a bit on a bloggy vacation. I saw outside. It was glorious. I saw some mountains, I saw some oceans, I’m ready to draw!

I was talking to Nancy about cleaning out my closet. You know, giving nautical clothes away so other people can pull up anchor and enjoy some fine threads.

Any who the interesting part of this story was about a particular sweater that I have. It’s a sweater I use when I am in need of super comfy times. Like wickedly comfortable. It’s brown, knitted and familiar. But my mother noticed how truly familiar it is when she said… Adam Levine on “the Voice” has that sweater.

I said no way, and then I tuned in and much like the great 90s hit from Tag Team… “Whoomp,” there was my sweater. And not in just like 1 episode, he wears it for like 6 episodes straight!

Courtesy of the Voice &


I looked at my sweater, and came to this conclusion:

P.S. I hope he didn’t pay bonkers money for that sweater because I bought it for $20 at a street fair.


Pan-Am-iest post of the day

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m cuckoo for cocoa puffs about the 1960s.
I love the clothes, I love the style. I love modernism, I love the matte lipstick, I love it all.

And I love interpretations of it. So I watch Mad Men, American Dreams, Gilligan’s Island, Petticoat Junction, That Girl, Mary Tyler Moore and every Doris Day movie, as much as possible… and now I watch Pan Am.

It isn’t as smokily correct as many people would like it to be but, eh. As long as I don’t have to see CBS-style-comedy (balls… stds, Haha) I’m basically going to enjoy it.

I'm going to go to the corner and die... because of the historical smoke accuracy

The only part of the show that I don’t really “get” is the main character Laura. Because she may actually be a kitty, playing a person.

I don't get it

But, I do like the show, don’t get me wrong. I realize that sometimes I am not sharpest light in the socket. And seriously I like their clothes. Their clothes are like wow.

Colette has the best clothes.
I will definitely wear all of this

Also I like Ted, but that is a surprise to no one is surprised by this as I always like the mildly jerky guy with dark hair and candy:

How can I resist?

and here is a doodle to prove it:

But then again maybe I shouldn’t advertise this as men do follow me around trying to get me to pay attention to their card tricks which makes me… so very weirded out.

The blonde guy is nice too, but he may or may not actually be a Ken doll:

He may be like the "Small Wonder" of Air Line Pilots

He’s so blonde and pretty. I feel like he would match any pair of shoes.

Okay and maybe the conclusion of this blog is… I think the pilot’s on this show are handsome dudes. Or maybe that modern guys should dress nicer.
And maybe this year because this show is on the air, I can finally get my hands on one of these:

And I won’t keep having to tell people how much I want one!

I’m ready for my vacation

I’m taking 2 days off of work… And I’m going to go do nothing. But closer to the beach… and I don’t care if its cold, I’m still not going to be working.

Also I need a camera crew to make faces at… I’m really sure I’d be great at it…

Yep. That about sums it up.


Weekend Update

I’m so over this Conan thing. The best name in Late Night is “Jimmy.”

I have lately been cultivating a new appreciation for Jimmy Fallon. He reminds me of Pee wee Herman a bit (his clothing and sillyness), and I really am fascinated by his late night show.

I try to stay up to watch it as much as possible, and if I can’t I will definitely watch it on hulu. Because it’s so good, when he writes his thank you notes… and his actually funny*stand up! 

*Most late night host’s stand-up is the least funny thing in the world.

He keeps additionally adding funny things like this:

A video about ukelele music and getting work done which will not link to this site

And I actually can’t wait for his hosting of the emmy’s:

Thank you Jimmy.


I ♥ Community

It’s a really funny show. A show that I like to watch.

Starring Joel Mc Hale, of “the Soup” Fame:

Here is a clip of him playing strip billards with Shawn’s Dad from Boy Meets World.

Also on a similar note I took a personality test based off the characters and got Annie. Which is really not all together suprising. She is kind of like a young (still sweatered) Emma from “glee”.

Get your Professor Chang on and find out which character you’re most like…