Tony’s Birthday 2015

Yesterday was my brothers birthday… but I didn’t post because I try to stay away from the internet on the weekends.

Because boy am I on the computer all week long!

But it was a very happy day and even though he’s all the way up in Alaska, I hope it was just the very best day.

And to celebrate how amazing my brother is and his love of the ever so classic Star Wars I made him this:

And then I thought if you were a Han Solo kind of guy you need a sidekick. And the only sidekick a person can have in Alaska is a Moose.

And then I had to stop because I could make a whole saga about a rogue surveyor and his weird moose friend.

Happy Birthday!

Also sorry my Star Wars writing is not up to par.


Happy Birthday to Tony 2014

Today is my brother’s birthday and he’s very far away from me in actual miles.

So you know that there will be doodles.

I was supposed to send him something…. but I just can’t remember what it was

Was it a:

No… I don’t really see you wearing a tote in the arctic…

How about a:

But I don’t see how you could use a vote… I mean you’re not running for office. And I don’t think you have entered the Voice this year.

How about a:

It seems fun, but it could be dangerous…

How about a:

You could use it… But I don’t have the cash for that right now… give me a week or a few years.

I know what I’m supposed to send you!!!! I think it was a:

No, that seems like more work than the kiddos.

How about a:

That’s not quite right…

It should be more like this:


I hope you have the best birthday with the girls! I hope it’s fun and magical… and full of good eats and treats.

In fact let’s toast to it!


Tuesday Victories


I dedicate the following doodle to my brother who had surgery yesterday.  He’s out and now he’s on his triumphant way to recovery.

That is a big victory!

Without having to share all his personal business… I can say that no one even likes having 2 kidneys nowadays. Just one healthy one is all you need!

The following doodle has little to do with how amazing my brother is… But has a lot to do with being able to conquer everything little or BIG:

I hope everyone takes a moment to try something they don’t think they can do this week. You may be very surprised with the results.

And Tony get better really quick. I have to bother you (it’s my sisterly duty) and it’s not as fun if you aren’t healthy.

So eat spinach… it always makes Popeye better instantly.


Happy Birthday Brother!

Today was a crazy kind of day, but there is always something that is very good.

And today’s very good is that it is my one and only BIG BROTHER’S BIRTHDAY!

He turns 40 today! And everything is turning up roses for him! He has a fancy new job, a beautiful and super fun wife… and two beautiful and rambunctious and adorable daughters. One who at the age of four is practically my grown up adult height.

So good job on being really tall too, Tony!

Anyways, I heard that they had a wonderful day full of good food, except for an intercepted cupcake. I hope you have a super fun weekend brother, and if you notice the drawing is of you at a California beach…. because I am so excited about your visit I’m already illustrating it!

Happy Internet Birthday! Can’t wait to see you up in this hood!


Happy Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Tony!

There is nothing I like better than a birthday! The only way a birthday can be made is by taking place on Fried Chicken Day… and the birthday on glorious Fried Chicken Day is none other than my Brother Tony’s Birthday! My brother is a totally rad dude, he’s a super talented artist and is an incredible dad and snazzy dancer!

Now the only thing that super rad about my brothers birthday is that he lives so far away, in leafy green Montana. So I don’t get to see his actual face today… and that means I have to make something special happen…

So you know what’s going to happen… a doodle!

Happy Birthday Tony! I hope you had a wonderful day and a fabulous birthday week. I am thinking you need some secret Chinese food to make this week really special!

♥ and Lollipops and Happy Birthdays,

Super Vest Party 9!

All the way down in San Diego there is a lab full of people that are big fans of the Super Mario:

One of those lab workers is the truest love of Clay Aiken. But that is a different story… Another one of the lab workers is an avid vest fan.

One moonlight evening he decided to combine both his love of Super Mario and vests. The answer was not a pie chart, or a test he could perform on mutated flies… but this:

♫LAUREN (the chaleco girl)

He likes his vests…. long

I have discovered that I really like photoshopping vests on people, or people on vests. Thank goodness one of our readers likes vests.

This one goes out to Tony who not only likes his vests long… but his belt longer:

And no this look isn’t for a fair or a play, this vest stone cold goes into that lab and sciences it up.

Have a nice day sciencing.


The New Reader

We have a new reader, and his name is Tony.

Hi there Tony!

We at Viciously Sweet like to make thorough and mindbending background checks on all our readers, and you seem to pass our testing. But let me ask you this… did you think people would ever find out about your extensive chaleco modeling?

The internet reveals all. Have a nice day sciencing.