Happy Birthday Tony!

There is nothing I like better than a birthday! The only way a birthday can be made is by taking place on Fried Chicken Day… and the birthday on glorious Fried Chicken Day is none other than my Brother Tony’s Birthday! My brother is a totally rad dude, he’s a super talented artist and is an incredible dad and snazzy dancer!

Now the only thing that super rad about my brothers birthday is that he lives so far away, in leafy green Montana. So I don’t get to see his actual face today… and that means I have to make something special happen…

So you know what’s going to happen… a doodle!

Happy Birthday Tony! I hope you had a wonderful day and a fabulous birthday week. I am thinking you need some secret Chinese food to make this week really special!

♥ and Lollipops and Happy Birthdays,

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Tony!

  1. Thanks Sis! I did have a wonderful Birthday! I feel stupid though, Fried Chicken Day came and went and all I have had chicken wise in the last week was BBQ chicken! Do’h! I need that 30 second head start with Hildi around! :D She’s always taking my sculpting tools and carving into the side of my desk with them! LOL. Oh! and Thanks Jen! It is an honor to be doodled by Lauren! That sounded so much better inmy head. 8{

    Thanks again Sis!

    Now, where is the menu for the Chinese Take-out place?

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