Mermaids with Style: Elisa Edition

I have been trying to improve my drawing abilities… because why the heck not.

And to combine that with my penchant for drawings Mermaids… and you get…

Well, you get more mermaids… just drawing with eyes instead of my signature beady-eyes

This one is a shout out to my homie Elisa and her uncanny ability to always be on vacation or planning one!

Right now she’s planning our vacation to Greece! We are going there this spring and it’s going to be amazing. And we are going to do what we do best, drink, laugh and look at buildings and stuff. I feel like I should put that on my resume…. so someday I can be professional looker at buildings, with an emphasis in laughing and drinking.


A Good Old Fashion Nautical Re-do

My mother told me a few weeks ago about this woman who has a super fun sounding job. She is a PROFESSIONAL MERMAID!
I asked myself how with all the imagination I have been blessed with… why did I never try to grow up to be a mermaid? And really… instead I chose architecture! I really, really blew it.

I’m putting in a formal request to my history. Small child Lauren, take all your doodles and dreams and craft a mermaid tail. It will change your life for the better. If you are a mermaid, no one will be awaiting your email during a regular 9-5. No one will stick you in a cubicle, no one will make you feel like you don’t belong. Instead you will get to be sparkly and entertain people, and you will get to see outside.

And I think you get to automatically meet Daryl Hannah… or at least get to eat dinner with Tom Hanks, and that would be like a 10,000% improvement in my quality of life.

And if you are a professional mermaid I think you get a briefcase made out of shells…


Alternate Career path pt. 5

On Viciously Sweet we use Jimmy as a theme.

Today we will go one step further, the psyche of Jimmy.

Jimmy has had many dreams about what he would do with his life.. flamenco dancer, lingerie model, toy train enthusiast, philanthropist, puppeteer.. yes, Jimmy has dreamt it all.

During his adolesence Jimmy wanted to be a swanky traveling agent… 

He dreamed of telling people how to get a passport, and telling them about how warm Belize was in the spring time.  He became giddy at the though of explaining in detail, tours that would take singles around Rome…

He dreamt of stacking and organizing brochures… sometimes he would order brochures, open them up and smell them. He then would stack them and place them in order of geographical location east to west in his room and pretend he was a travel agent… his dachshund was the best client he ever had…

His dream however ended with the fall of Yugoslavia, he could not stand a world without brochures to his favorite post USSR state.

Jimmy’s dream shall live on… in the internet.