Happy Fangsgiving Everyone!

It’s finally here. The day we’ve all been waiting for.


So make sure you cook your undead turkey, hang your spiderwebs, bake your store bought apple pie and just sit back and relax. The day is here for you and your spooky-scary friends and family. Make the most of it, and don’t go out in the sun. I think you may melt or sparkle:

Just remember to fang it up!

In all honesty, have a wonderful weekend. Eat. Buy things. And be wonderful.


I’m Loopy: A tale of Fruit and Vampires

In the middle of my loopy adventures. I realized that the pills I have been taking for my back problems have made me unable to retain a thought long enough to draw it… So I sit there with my pen, and draw a literal blank (as in I sit there and draw nothing).

But with inspiration from how much fruit is being consumed in the office this week… I came up with this drawing:

And then because I was loopy, I confessed to my coworkers I don’t understand “Twilight” I only got through 15 minutes of the movie before I decided that if it was a lifetime movie that Vampire would have killed Bella on their date and buried her outside of a warehouse. Where a detective played by Jason Lee would find her body while routinely checking the woods. I have seen too many lifetime movies to see any other outcome. And the worst part is that he would see no jail time because I’m sure the judge would be Jennifer Love Hewitt and I’m sure she would never put anyone in jail because it wouldn’t be nice.

Anyhoo, I digressed again. I hope everyone has a happy weekend… and it’s okay if you like Twilight… please don’t hurt me.

♥ and vampires and fruits and lollipops,

Professional Quote of the Day: November 9th

Good Afternoon All You Professional Quote of the Day Readers!

Some people have many questions about professionalism… Like: How can I tell if someone is a real professional or if they are a professional poseur? Is there some sort test a doctor can give you to see if you come up positive being a professional? Do they have reflections? Are they a card carrying organization?

These are very interesting questions with very interesting answers:

Firstly, you should ask them if there name is Eric, this may be a direct correlation to professionalism (science is still investigating this.)

Secondly, there is no official test to prove your professionalism. Sorry about that.

Thirdly, Yes professionals usally have reflections, you may be confusing them with vamp——-

Wait, you know the best way to find out about professionals is to read the criteria as specified by California’s Professional Hero:

Remember this pro-mantra, and maybe someday you will transform into a professional yourself.


Things for All the Time: Vampire Teeth

Recently on a trip to the best place on earth… “Halloween Town” in Burbank, Christine and I found a never-ending cavalcade of things we need in everyday life.

Really. I don’t know if that makes me and Christine a little macabre, but that is the way we like it. And in which other way can we lure Tim Burton and Johnny Depp into our houses?

Just ask Christine and her vampy teeth:


Isabel Stare-a-thon: Shiny Vamps

It has been said as of late that the newest group of Isabel fanatics are considered to be undead.
Yes, Twilight Fans as you sit there dreaming all day of this pasty guy… he sits there all day staring at the one, and only Isabel.

Vampires are really good at staring. He will pretty much be there until all eternity. Or until the next vampy film.

Her teen wolf following is like off the charts.


Isabel Stare-A-Thon: Twilight

Hello pasty America.

The Isabel Stare-a-thon was all the buzz this year at Vamp Con 2009… and really vampires can be dangerous they can bring throngs of emo kids around you.

I just wanted to share a bit of information during this season: if you are Isabel be careful when you are in shadows… teen vampires think the Isabel Stare-a-Thon is totally suckalicious (‘sucky’ to Vampires is good).


The Post That Almost Wasn’t

Jimmy likes Halloween.

He likes it so much his house is already decorated.

He is has Carrie on DVD waiting for an audience.

He’s stone cold serious, about happy haunts.

And he’s serious about a weird movie from his childhood that involves disco dancing Draculas, and witches that aren’t spooky enough to create the magic of halloween… hopefully they can become their own terrifying selves and won’t have to cancel Halloween.

Called “The Halloween that Almost Wasn’t”

If you have never seen this movie it’s a Jimmy James Suggestion:

here it is:

the disco scene is the best.