I’m Loopy: A tale of Fruit and Vampires

In the middle of my loopy adventures. I realized that the pills I have been taking for my back problems have made me unable to retain a thought long enough to draw it… So I sit there with my pen, and draw a literal blank (as in I sit there and draw nothing).

But with inspiration from how much fruit is being consumed in the office this week… I came up with this drawing:

And then because I was loopy, I confessed to my coworkers I don’t understand “Twilight” I only got through 15 minutes of the movie before I decided that if it was a lifetime movie that Vampire would have killed Bella on their date and buried her outside of a warehouse. Where a detective played by Jason Lee would find her body while routinely checking the woods. I have seen too many lifetime movies to see any other outcome. And the worst part is that he would see no jail time because I’m sure the judge would be Jennifer Love Hewitt and I’m sure she would never put anyone in jail because it wouldn’t be nice.

Anyhoo, I digressed again. I hope everyone has a happy weekend… and it’s okay if you like Twilight… please don’t hurt me.

♥ and vampires and fruits and lollipops,

12 thoughts on “I’m Loopy: A tale of Fruit and Vampires

  1. Loopiness has got to be my most favorite state of mind :) I liked your Twilight idea.. when I first “saw” one of those movies I was woken up by a a bunch of girls screaming in the movie theatre and some guy turning into a wolf .. or something, I don’t quite remember.

    And sorry if I unfollowed, followed, unfollowed, and then followed your blog again.. I’m still trying to figure out this wp app on my phone haha.


    1. I didn’t even make it far enough in the film to meet the wolves! Did I miss out on another level of lifetime movie horror? Was there a kidnapping of wolf child, with Debra Messing as the mother of missing wolf lad?

      And it’s okay about the unfollow/follow I would expect nothing less awkward from you ;)

      1. I was literally half asleep when it happened, but some guy turned into a wolf! Now I’m wondering if I imagined the whole thing hahaha.. but I’m not about to “watch” it again just to find out :)

      2. Hmmm, well the commercials for those movies show wolves… So, I totally believe you. I really hope there is like a suave Frankenstein Monster in the last story who has like all the ladies in a frenzy. I always feel like the Monster deserved more love from the ladies.

  2. I must have missed something because I didn’t know you were suffering from a bad back. Its the absolute worst. :( On the upside…your loopy tales are quite entertaining. I hope you feel better (and more lucid) soon. x

    1. Oh my Jen it’s CRAZY! My back now hates when I sit (what I do at work), my nerves are being all a mess… and for a week or so it was affecting my ability to move my left leg! But my days are always made better by trying to keep a positive outlook. Thanks!

  3. Jennifer Love Hewitt as a judge?
    COME ON! She NEVER plays a character whose wardrobe requires she cover up her boobs! Haven’t you noticed that?
    Get well soon, young lady…

  4. I don’t understand twilight either! I think it’s one of the creepiest “love” stories told in recent history. Perhaps second to Romeo & Juliet. Teen suicide is so hot!

    Hope you’re feeling better :)

    1. It is! It makes the 1990s classic “Mr. Wrong” with Ellen Degeneres and Bill Pullman seem romantic.
      I really hope you’ve seen that movie, so I don’t sound like a crazy lady… if not, watch it and learn all the word’s to Foreigner’s “I want to know what love is” in Spanish.

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