Grandparents… the Holiday

Today is Grandparents Day.. that Day where you celebrate the keen awesomeness of your ancestry.

Well here at viciously sweet we certainly do adore our elderly (there have been over 50 posts of Eric this year!) so find an elder your grandparents (or not) and show them a day on the town!

I would choose Tre Cool from Green Day because he’s my susbtitute grandpa!

And we would partake in the following activities on this special day:

Firstly make sure you give him his medication:

and that he’s dressed comfy for the days planned activities

The take him for an extra treat:

get him a present that makes him feel special

Then treat your grandpa to a mild time like having tea:

Make him feel special by being interested in his discussion. Ask him about your families upbrining:

and make sure you get him home in time for his bedtime:

Oh Grandpa.. you are so fun!



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