Glee: All By Myself

I really love emotional moments in TV and movies…

One of my favorite moments from tv happened many years ago on a show called “Felicity”… it was this classic dramatic moment when Noel locked himself in his dorm closed the curtains and listens to “everybody hurts by REM”  after a failed attempt at a relationship with Felicity

(since the show is so old there are no clips of this online :(…. )

But I digress, I think that glee is trying to steal away my affections of lonely noel with this more than depressing clip.

I’m sorry Noel… but Emma Pillsbury may win.

especially since she has way cute clothes.


2 thoughts on “Glee: All By Myself

  1. ha i actually saw the cast of glee at comic con but I didn’t know much about glee…hahahaha I was in line to see the cast of heroes and since I was somewhere in front of the line they let me in to the hall and there they were

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