I know you are… but what am I?

I’m unusually happy this morning because of this little guy:

All things about Paul Rubben’s aside. Peewee Herman was one of my favorite childhood characters. I had that talking doll, and I took it everywhere with me even to ballet class.

Last night at Midnight MTV2 was playing “Peewee’s Big Adventure,” and so I watched it… and couldn’t stop laughing, nor could I wake up for work, but I digress.

My family has decided to take me to see him for my birthday… but due to the Isabel Stare-a-thon 2009 Pee Wee has postponed his shows until January 2010. It’s cool, I’m still going to see him… but post birthday!

But whilst I wait I have one request…


3 thoughts on “I know you are… but what am I?

  1. omg this movie is one of my all time faves, and big top pee wee, we had that on tape when i was a kid and i have probably watched it about 748 times. hahahaha i am going to be smiling because of that post title all day now, thanks buddy!

    1. He’s only doing shows in the LA area that i know of at the Nokia Theater. You can get tickets at Ticketmaster and get some tickets

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