Things that are funny week!

I haven’t been posting regularly for many reasons. I’m hoping that making a marathon will change that. So on this very fine 3rd week of February I will present to you.

Things that are funny WEEK.

not to be confused with things that are funny weak.

Here are the differences…

Part of Funny Week:

Will Arnett curently can be seen in "When in Rome", you can also find him being funny as Devon Banks in "30 Rock" or Gob Bluth in "Arrested Development"

Part of Funny Weak:

Russell Brand is an unfunny commedian. You can see him being unfunny in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", or lurking in the streets with Katy Perry. You can also look forward to him in the remake of "Drop Dead Fred," because it needed a remake.

That’s an ouch isn’t it? That should be saved for Cruelty Week.


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